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instagram lite india

Instagram Lite Adds Support for Reels with the Latest Update

Instagram Lite relaunched in India with support for 9 local Indian languages earlier last year. It's a lightweight version of the Facebook-owned app with...
instagram lite vs instagram features

Instagram Lite vs Instagram: Differences Explained!

Instagram shut down Instagram Lite - the lightweight version of its app in May this year. When the company discontinued the old Lite app,...
instagram lite india

Instagram Lite Relaunched in India with Support for 9 Regional Languages

Nearly six months after shut down, Facebook has decided to revive and start testing the Instagram Lite app in India. This lightweight Android app...
how install instagram lite any country

Instagram Lite Shuts Down; New Version on the Way

Instagram launched a lightweight version of its application aptly named 'Instagram Lite' in Mexico a couple of years back and expanded it to developing...
how install instagram lite any country

How to Install Instagram Lite in Any Country

Instagram just launched a 'Lite' variant of the popular image and video sharing app to the Play Store today. The 'Lite' app follows in...
Here's How You Can Enroll in Instagram's Alpha Program

Instagram Lite Makes A Quiet Debut; But Not Yet Out for India

With Instagram's skyrocketing popularity in most mature markets, the company is now looking to court new users in developing countries. And to do so,...