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Harmony OS website

HarmonyOS Will Compete With iOS in 2 Years, Claims Huawei CEO

The recently-unveiled HarmonyOS may not yet be ready for commercial smartphones, but Huawei has big plans for it nonetheless. In an interview to Fortune...
Harmony OS website

Huawei Unveils Android Alternative ‘Harmony OS’ for Phones, IoT Devices

On the first day of its Huawei Developer Conference in Dongguan City, the Chinese tech giant unveiled its much-talked-about Android replacement, Harmony OS. As...

First HongMeng OS-powered Huawei Smartphone May Launch in Q4, 2019

Even as Huawei continues to officially deny that its HongMeng OS is meant for smartphones, latest reports coming out of China now seem to...
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Huawei to Continue Using Android for Smartphones; Says HongMeng is for Industrial Use

Even with the US-China trade tensions easing somewhat over the past month, Huawei continues to work on its in-house operating system, HongMeng OS, which...

Huawei’s Android Replacement Could be Called ‘Harmony OS’

A new trademark application from Huawei suggests that the company has been working on an operating system called 'Harmony OS' for smartphones and computers....

This is How Huawei’s HongMeng OS Differs from EMUI, Reveal Internal Testers

Huawei CEO has already discussed the company's HongMeng OS to be a lot faster than Android and even macOS. It's expected to bring a...

Huawei Developer Conference Set for August 9; Could Show Off its New OS

Huawei has been faced with some tough times due to the US trade ban, with many from the industry breaking ties with the company....
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Huawei’s Alternative OS to Android, HongMeng, Could Roll out as Early as this Fall

Under mounting pressure from the US government, and facing restrictions from various US-based tech giants, it's only logical that Huawei has been working on...
huawei os hongmeng

Huawei’s Smartphone OS will Reportedly be Called HongMeng

After Google restricted Huawei's use of Android for its future smartphones yesterday, effectively cutting off Huawei from everything Google other than the Android Open...