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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account Was Hacked on Friday

A stream of racist and anti-Semitic tweets were posted from the account of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, after it was reportedly hacked on Friday,...
Hacker two-factor authentication

“Have I Been Pwned” to be Integrated into Firefox and 1Password

In case you don't know, Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) is a website which informs you in case your email ID has been sabotaged...

Govt Says Defence Ministry’s Website Not Hacked, Outage Due to Hardware Problem

The Indian Ministry of Defence's website was hit by a cybersecurity attack yesterday, which was later confirmed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman via a tweet...
Lenovo Fingerprint Featured

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Have a Vulnerable Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensors have now become a common norm amongst smartphone devices. However, the actual use of technology on consumer devices dates back to the...