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Top 3 Google Earth Alternatives You Can Use in 2019

Google Earth Gets New Search Interface on Web, Android, and iOS

Google has recently updated Google Earth with a refreshed search experience that improves the functionality of the service along with visually pleasing design elements...
Google Earth Updated with 1,000 New Free Wallpapers That You’ll Love

Google Earth Updated with 1,000 Free Drool-Worthy Wallpapers

Google Earth View contains thousands of stunning images of Earth's landscape. But, the tech giant has now added over 1,000 crisp wallpaper-worthy images of...

Google Earth Now Lets You Design Virtual Tours, Create Map-Based Stories

Google Earth is adding new tools that allow anyone to create maps and stories on the platform. The company on Wednesday announced the new...
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Florida Man’s Body Discovered via Google Earth After 22 Years

A Florida man named William Earl Moldt was last seen leaving a nightclub and went missing back in July 1997. Well, that changed last...
Top 3 Google Earth Alternatives You Can Use in 2019

Top 4 Google Earth Alternatives You Can Use

The multi-fold advancements in the field of computers (and technology, in general) have not just simplified our daily lives, but have also made a...

Google Announces ‘Journalism AI’ Project to Train Newsrooms

To help news industry use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in more innovative ways, Google has announced a partnership with Polis, the international journalism think-tank at...

Google Earth Now Lets You Measure Distance And Calculate Area

Google Earth, a geo-browser which employs satellite imagery to render a 3-dimensional representation of our planet, has received a new feature which allows users to...

Google Earth Uses Employs VR, Satellite Imagery To Highlight Conservation Issues

There is no doubt that industrialization and rapid technological development, have taken its toll on the oceans and the marine ecosystem. To mark this...
Google Pixel 2 Owners Report Poor Battery Life and Heating Issues Since February Security Update

Create Google Earth-Like Live Wallpapers Using Your GPS Location With This App

Are you always on the lookout for something that makes your smartphone appear distinct and eye-catching? Well, we can't guarantee attention from others but...