Google Earth Gets New Search Interface on Web, Android, and iOS

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Google has recently updated Google Earth with a refreshed search experience that improves the functionality of the service along with visually pleasing design elements contributing to better user experience.

The new search interface shows you places featured in Google Earth and must-see views sourced from Google Earth Voyager. There’s an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button that randomly picks a place for you as well.

google earth search page
Old vs New UI Image: Google

Moving on to search suggestions, the suggestions are now classified into specific categories such as Places, Games and Quizzes, Data Layers, and Guided Tours. It goes without saying that the category listing for a specific place depends on the amount of data available for that location and hence, you might not necessarily be seeing all these categories for all your location queries.

google earth search results
Old vs New UI Image: Google

Once you search and choose a place on Google Earth, it will present the categories in a tabbed layout, as you can see in the image below. You also get personalized search history with this update.

google earth search result tabs
Old vs New UI Image: Google

All these new changes are now live across Android, iOS, and the web version of Google Earth. In case you’re not seeing them, make sure your Google Earth app is updated to the latest version available on the Play Store or App Store.

So, if you’ve been longing to go outside but acted responsibly by staying indoors to contain the spread of coronavirus, now would be a good time to go on a virtual world tour via Google Earth powered by all these search improvements.

SOURCE Google Support
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