Google Earth Updated with 1,000 Free Drool-Worthy Wallpapers

Google Earth Updated with 1,000 New Free Wallpapers That You’ll Love

Google Earth View contains thousands of stunning images of Earth’s landscape. But, the tech giant has now added over 1,000 crisp wallpaper-worthy images of the Earth’s natural sceneries and oceans sourced from satellites to its Earth View gallery. They’re just drool-worthy and I love them.

“We’re making our biggest update to Earth View by adding more than 1,000 new images to the collection, bringing the total to more than 2,500 striking landscapes. The upgraded imagery features more locations around the globe and is optimized for today’s high-resolution screens — featuring brighter colors, sharper images, and resolutions up to 4K,” wrote Gopal Shah, Product Manager of Google Earth in a blog post.

With this refresh, Google has also introduced a handy color map that you can use to view a landscape of your favorite color. The slider present on the page gives you a more finetuned control to choose your preferred color of the landscape.

To make Earth View a reality, Google collaborated with Ubilabs to find striking landscapes across 36 million square miles of satellite imagery. Google then optimizes the color profile of the images to make it look more attractive to the human eye.

You can explore the updated Earth View Gallery from here. Alternatively, you may install the Earth View Gallery Chrome Extension. With this Chrome extension, you’ll see a new image from Earth View Gallery every time you open a new tab. Sounds cool, right?

Whenever you find a potential wallpaper candidate image on Google Earth View, you may download it right away by clicking on the “Download Wallpaper” button present at the top right corner of the web page. There is a “Leanback Mode” as well, which might come in times when you’re in the mood to see a slideshow of Google Earth View images.

SOURCE Google Blog
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