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How to Create GIFs on Mac

How to Create GIFs on Mac With Ease

GIFs have become very very popular of late. The reason behind their popularity is that they are smaller in size than videos yet relay...

Facemoji Keyboard Review: Great Free Keyboard App

There are a lot of great keyboard apps available on the Android operating system. One such keyboard app that is available on the Play Store,...
Best GIF Maker Tools

13 Best GIF Maker Apps and Tools You Can Use

To say that GIFs rule the internet certainly won't be an overstatement. Whether it's social networking services, comment threads on websites and blogs, and...
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The Story of Booking Online Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC in 7 Pics

Indians can relate to this post very well but for people from other countries, here's a short explanation, While booking tatkal (emergency) railway ticket online...
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How To Make Animated GIF Images From YouTube Videos

Today I am going to share some the best tools to create GIFs from YouTube videos in a few minutes. It's very simple and...