How to Create GIFs on Mac With Ease

GIFs have become very very popular of late. The reason behind their popularity is that they are smaller in size than videos yet relay much more information than a static picture. At most 3.5 seconds long, a GIF is an infinitely looped animation which stores multiple frames of animation. You can easily get GIFs at the various popular online websites, but creating your own GIF and seeing it trending on the internet is way more fulfilling than downloading one. If you own a Mac, there are simple methods you can use to create GIFs on it. So, if there was a time in your life when you were wondering how to create GIFs on macOS, this is how you do it:

Create GIFs on Mac Using Third Party Apps

While some of you might think that you need an exceptional Photoshop skills to create those magical GIFs. It is literally not that hard. There are some great apps available on Mac App Store which make it really easy to create a GIF on your Mac. So let’s check the best of them, shall we?

GIF Brewery 3

This is an excellent app, as it allows you to create a GIF out of anything, whether it be videos on your laptop or the ones on the internet.

1. To start creating a GIF, first download and install the app from the Mac App Store. Once the app is installed, launch it. When the app is launched, you will see that it gives you various ways to create a GIF. You can create a GIF by importing a video or a link, by recording your screen, and by recording from the inbuilt camera.

importing the vdieo

2. Most of us will create the GIF by importing a video or a link, so let us do that. Click on the open video link and import an existing video on your Mac.

Selecting the video clip

4. On the timeline, set the start and the end timers to your required time which contains the GIF material.

Editing on Brewry

5. Click on the text field to add any text if you want to. You can also crop or resize the video if you want to or you can add stickers. Everything is available in the top toolbar. When you are done, click on create and then save your GIF.


The same process will be repeated for other methods too. Click on the method you want to create GIFs with and follow the same process.

GIPHY Capture

There is one problem with GIF Brewery 3. If you want to create a GIF by inserting a link, the app first downloads the video and then lets you convert it to GIF. This can be a major problem if the video you are watching is a big one, as it will take a lot of time to download the video. This is where GIPHY Capture comes in. The app lays an overlay on your screen and records only the part you want to convert to GIF. To learn how to do that, let us create one GIF from youtube, but first download the app by visiting the App Store.

1. Open a browser and load your video, then launch the app. Adjust the app’s window to the size of the video player in the browser and click on record. Be sure to record a longer clip, so that you can trim that later. Remember, when you start recording, everything will fade out a little bit as compared to the recording window.

Capturing GIF by GIPHY Capture

Pro Tip: Use the keyboard’s play and pause button while you are adjusting the size of the app’s window (F8).

3. Double-click on the video clip to open the editing window. Minimise the recording window and edit your clip on the editing window. Here you can set the start and end point, decide the pixel size of the GIF, select the loop type, and the frame rate. After you are done editing, you can directly upload the GIF to GIPHY or save it onto your Mac.

Editing GIPH by Giphy Capture

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Ready to Make Your Own GIFs on Mac?

Creating GIFs is really easy and a fun exercise on your Mac. I tried out the aforementioned apps on my MacBook Pro 2016 running macOS High Sierra and they all worked out pretty well. So, even you can create GIFs on your MacBooks which might go viral on the internet. So, all set to create GIFs on macOS? Well, share with us your best creations and if you have any doubts or suggestions related to creating GIFs on Mac, drop them down in the comment sections.

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