Facemoji Keyboard Review: Great Free Keyboard App

There are a lot of great keyboard apps available on the Android operating system. One such keyboard app that is available on the Play Store, is the Facemoji Keyboard. Now, normally I don’t tend to try out a lot of keyboard apps; I usually stick with the ones I know, and love. However, Facemoji Keyboard makes me glad that I tried something new. So, here is my take on the Facemoji Keyboard. TL;DR: If you love emojis, stickers, and GIFs, you’ll love Facemoji Keyboard.

The Facemoji Keyboard App Interface

As soon as I installed the Facemoji Keyboard app, I tapped on the home screen icon to launch it. On first launch, the app prompted me to enable the Facemoji keyboard in my settings, and then switch my default keyboard to the Facemoji keyboard. That’s obvious, and I did it. Then, I was taken to the Facemoji Keyboard app. There are a couple of things that I noticed, while the app is decently designed, the way themes, and sticker packs are arranged, makes it look rather bulky. Not something I really mind, but it could’ve been done better.

There are four main sections in the Facemoji app. We have themes, stickers, ranking, and settings. Obviously, I checked them all out, and I have a lot of thoughts about them, that I’ll try and summarise in the next paragraph (or two).

By default the app opens into the “Themes” section. This is where it first looks like a poorly designed app. However, the app itself is not poorly designed, it’s actually decent; it’s just the first couple of themes available for download are a bit weird to look at. I didn’t try them out, but I’m sure they don’t really look bad if you install them. There is also a tab called “My Box“, where I can see all of the themes that I have installed on my Android device. I can choose the theme I want on my keyboard, but the default black theme looked classy enough to me, so I stuck with it. The collection of themes is good, and if you don’t like the default ones that are pre-installed, you will definitely find something more to your taste in the Themes section.


The other sections in the app are “Stickers”, “Ranking”, and “Settings”. The sticker section is pretty self-explanatory: you can browse through the available stickers on the app, and download the ones that you like. There are quite a lot of packs to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something that you’re gonna like. Unfortunately, there is no option to search for sticker packs, so you’re gonna have to scroll through the entire list, to find the ones that are more to your taste.


The Settings page for the app is pretty much what one could expect from a settings page. You get options to adjust the various options for the keyboard, including things like the input language, input options, sound and vibration options, and much more. One cool thing I found in the settings page, is that the keyboard actually gives you options to choose the style of emojis you want. That’s not something you see a lot, and it’s definitely a great option to customise your keyboard. There is also a “Feedback” option in the app, which is something I always say I wish more developers added; so kudos for that.


The Keyboard UI/UX

The keyboard itself looks pretty much like any other keyboard would, except for the additional row on the top with some extra options. There is a downward facing arrow on the top right corner, which basically hides the keyboard when you need to; however, on phones with a navbar, this is rather redundant, because the navbar itself allows an option to hide the keyboard. Not something I mind, though. If anything, this shows that the developers considered a lot of use cases for the keyboard.


On the center of the top row, is an icon of a cursor. This is one of the best features of this keyboard. You can press and hold on this icon, and then drag your finger anywhere on the keyboard to scroll the cursor. This feature is available on the space bar in the Google Keyboard, and is actually one of my favourite things about that keyboard, as well.

The keyboard also offers a full collection of emojis that are available on other devices. So you can use the standard set of emojis, wherever you want. However, Facemoji keyboard brings more to the table. There are a lot of emoji combos in the app, as well. Everything from basic looking combos, to flirty messages for your SO, and much more. Also, the keyboard has a GIF feature built right in, so you can search for GIFs, and send them to whoever you want.


The swipe recognition works well, and the overall experience on the keyboard is smooth. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a great free keyboard, that offers emojis, stickers, and GIF search, all built-in.

Facemoji Keyboard Review: Great Free Keyboard App

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Facemoji Keyboard: Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs Everywhere!

The Facemoji keyboard is definitely one of the better keyboards out there. Feature wise, the app does not disappoint, and in fact, has all of the things that I would want from a keyboard app, and some more on top of that. The experience is smooth, and the keyboard worked flawlessly, in the time that I used it. For a free app, this keyboard offers a lot more than any other keyboard app I have used. If you’re looking for a new keyboard app for your Android device, then you should definitely check out the Facemoji Keyboard.

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