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What Exactly is Military-Grade Encryption

What Exactly is Military-Grade Encryption

The term "Military-grade encryption" is generally touted by VPN services and sometimes, you would find its mention on bank portals as well. While military-grade...
How to Enable End-to-End Encryption on Zoom

How to Enable End-to-End Encryption on Zoom

After a year of security mishaps and controversies, Zoom is finally getting back to track. The company has introduced the long-awaited End-to-End encryption (E2E)...
Google Promises Free Unlimited Storage for WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive

WhatsApp Auto Backups on Google Drive Not Protected by Encryption

In a revelation that's being described as shocking and unacceptable by sections of the media and users alike, WhatsApp has announced that backed-up chats,...

US Government Pushing to Break Facebook Messenger’s Encryption To Spy On Suspects

End-to-end encryption is a boon for users as it prevents third parties from snooping in on their conversations, and at the same time, government...
France Builds Own Encrypted Messaging App Due to Spying Risks

France Testing Homegrown Messaging App to Rival WhatsApp, Telegram Due to Spying Risks

France wants to evade any attack or breach of data from centers outside the country and this has motivated the government to consider the...

ProtonMail Brings Zero-Access Encrypted Contacts To Android, iOS Apps

With Facebook's scandalous data leaks being outed to the public in the past few months, ProtonMail is now looking to capitalize on the privacy...

How to Encrypt Your Android Device to Secure Personal Data

When we talk about security, be it on mobile devices or platforms or even apps, "encryption" is one word that is thrown around quite often. While...