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best emoji maker apps

How to Create Your Own Emoji: 5 Emoji Maker Apps To Use

Emojis are quite possibly the single best way of conveying emotions in messages, which is probably why they’re all the rage these days. No matter...

Create Crazy Custom Emojis With This Emoji Builder Tool

In today's age when interactions happen by the microsecond, emojis play a significant role by adding more meaning to our conversations. To make chats...

Google Tackles Discrimination with Gender-Neutral Emojis in Android P Beta 2

Google has begun the rollout of Android P Beta 2 update which, among Adaptive battery and App Actions, also brings 157 new emojis such...
All the Emoji Meanings You Should Know

Hindu Temple Emoji Included in Unicode 12.0 Draft Candidates

There are two kinds of people these days: those who excessively use emojis (like yours truly), and those that don't use them (like, probably...

Google’s ‘Emoji Scavenger Hunt’ Wants You to Find Real-Life Emojis

While many older users may not care much, emojis and their various animated iterations - Animojis, AR Emojis, ZeniMojis - have reached cult status...

Apple Proposes 13 New ‘Accessibility Emojis’ For The Differently Abled

Emojis are an easy and fun way to express our feelings, and there's hardly anyone among us who has never used one. However, we've...
New and Updated Emoji meanings 2016

All The Emoji Meanings You Should Know

Emojis add personality to our most bland text messages and that's the reason we use them so much. In fact, you can simply use...

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