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kookaburra smart ball

Kookaburra is Working on a Smart Ball that Provides Real-Time Feedback

There have not been any major changes in the basic cricket gear for a long time but that is about to change real soon....

Now Earn Up to Rs. 2000 Playing Cricket in Google Pay

The World Cup season is upon us all, and while I'm sure you're still revelling over India's victory over Pakistan on Sunday, Google Pay...
10 Best Cricket Games for Android

10 Best Cricket Games for Android

Cricket is regarded as the second religion in India and that's for a good reason. You will be hard pressed to find a person...

Reliance Ties up with Hotstar to Bring India Cricket Matches to JioTV for Next...

Reliance Jio has joined hands with Star India to broadcast all fixtures of India's national cricket team on the JioTV app as well as...

ICC Tells Pakistan Test Cricketers to Take Smartwatches Off The Field

In a bid to avoid any allegations of match-fixing, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has warned players to stop wearing smartwatches during play. The...
Iceland Cricket Team

Reddit’s r/Cricket is Now the Official Sponsor of the Iceland Cricket Team

You may like cricket or absolutely hate it, but one thing that you can't deny about the game is that it brings people together...

8 Interesting Facts From Rohit Sharma’s Double Century Will Blow Your Mind

Yesterday, Rohit Sharma played one of the finest innings in an ODI. Not only did he become the highest scorer in ODIs with 264...