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Microsoft Is Adding Support for Linux GUI Apps to Windows 10

Build 2020: Microsoft Is Adding Support for Linux GUI Apps to Windows 10

At its Build 2020 developer conference, Microsoft announced plans to add support for Linux GUI apps in Windows 10. With this addition, full-fledged Linux...
windows 10 package installer

Build 2020: Windows 10 Gets Its Own Package Manager

If you are a Windows user, the process of downloading and installing an EXE or MSI file is like the back of our hand...
windows 10 powertoys run utility

Build 2020: New ‘PowerToys Run’ Tool Brings a Spotilight-like Search Tool to Windows 10

Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a Spotlight-like app launcher utility for Windows 10. Earlier last month, we learned that it...
How to Enable Noise Cancellation on Microsoft Teams

Build 2020: Microsoft Announces New Teams Features

Microsoft Build 2020 has taken on an online format this year, but that doesn't mean the company is slowing down. The Redmond giant has...

Build 2020: Edge Is Getting Profile Switching, Sidebar Search and More

Microsoft's Build 2020 developer conference took place in an all online format this year. At the event, the company showed off a lot of...
Microsoft Build 2020 dates announced

Microsoft’s Build 2020 Developer Conference Set for 19th-21st May

While we await Microsoft to unveil new Surface devices at its hardware event next month, the company has announced a roadmap for all of...