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Broadcom Abandons Plans to Acquire Qualcomm

Singapore-based Broadcom has formally announced that it is abandoning its attempt to acquire rival American chipmaker, Qualcomm, just a couple of days after the...
President Trump Blocks Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal Citing National Security Risk

Trump Blocks Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal Citing National Security Risk

Broadcom recently announced its plans to redomicile to the United States by April 3 in a bid to speed up the security review process...

Broadcom to Redomicile to US Just As Qualcomm Shareholders Prepare to Meet

Broadcom is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to acquire Qualcomm. After raising the buyout price of Qualcomm to $121 billion and holding...
Intel Says 5G PCs Will Come as Early as in 2019

Intel Considering Possible Bid to Acquire Broadcom, Which Is Going After Qualcomm

Despite being the biggest chipmaker for desktops and laptops, Intel's smartphone SoC business simply failed to gain traction, no matter how hard it tried....
Chairman Paul Jacobs to step down from Qualcomm

Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs Will Step Down Amid Broadcom Deal Pressure

Amidst hostility over the takeover bid by Broadcom, US wireless technology and chipset giant Qualcomm has asked Executive Chairman Dr. Paul Jacobs to step...

Qualcomm and Broadcom Meet to Discuss Proposed Acquisition

More than a week after Broadcom increased the stakes with a $121 billion hostile takeover bid for rival Qualcomm, the latter has issued a...
Qualcomm Agrees for a Valentine's Day Date With Broadcom

Qualcomm Set for Valentine’s Day Date With Broadcom Over Mega Merger

After eluding acquisition talks for almost four months, Qualcomm is ready to evaluate rival Broadcom's proposition. Now, the two chipmakers are supposed to convene...

Broadcom Increases Qualcomm Takeover Offer to $121 Billion

Broadcom says it has made its final offer to acquire San Diego-based chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. According to Reuters, the company on Monday increased its...