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Apple Card to Launch in August With Cash Back Offers and More

Following up on the success of Apple Pay, Apple last year announced plans to launch a new credit card that it said would be...

You Could Soon Be Using Your iPhone To Unlock Doors with iOS 12

The one thing Apple has been great with is privacy and security of crucial biometric data. Now Apple is using the lessons it learnt...
Apple Pay Cash Is Here Beta Rolling Out To Users Now

Apple Pay Credit Card Could Be Launched in the US Soon

Apple's foray into the domain of mobile payments and digital wallet service with Apple Pay has generated positive results for the company. Following the success...
Gemalto Introduces Contactless Credit Card With Fingerprint Authentication

This New Contactless Credit Card Works With Just Your Fingerprint

Credit cards which use biometric authentication instead of an invariable PIN code have been believed to be the plausible solution to card fraud since...
How to Add Apple Pay Donate Button to Medium Posts

How to Add Apple Pay Donate Button to Medium Posts

Medium, if you haven't heard, is one of the largest online blogging platforms that houses independent writers and publishers alike. It has been in...