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Regain Access to Locked/Disabled Apple ID: 4 Methods Explained

How to Regain Access to Locked or Disabled Apple ID: 4 Methods Explained

To safeguard an account against potential hacking, Apple immediately locks an Apple ID whenever anyone enters passwords incorrectly multiple times. Then, a popup appears...
Developers are Creating Some Unique Apps Using Face ID

Apple Will Allow You to Download or Delete Your Data in Line with New...

With Facebook's privacy policy under the magnifying glass, and GDPR kicking in around Europe next month, all tech companies are revamping privacy controls for...
How to change Apple ID from third-party email to icloud

How to Change Your Apple ID From Third-Party Email to iCloud

If you've ever owned an Apple device, you must be well-acquainted with the Apple ID login process. You can create an Apple ID using...
How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

You need an Apple ID to use an iPhone but what do you do if you don't have a credit card? While creating an...