15 Best Steam FPS Fest 2024 Game Deals

In Short
  • The Steam commences its FPS Fest Sale on 15 April 2024. The same will end on 24 April.
  • As with the tradition, many games are currently on sale from the first-person genre, including tactical and first-person shooters.
  • I suggest fifteen such games that deserve a well-earned look, helping you to pick your next favorite game.

It’s refreshing to see Steam offering specialized genre-based deals in the last couple of years. The Steam FPS Fest Sale is yet another one of these sales geared toward first-person shooters. With a week-long worth of deals available on some of the best games out there, I decided to showcase and highlight the best deals offered for you all. So, if you were waiting for a perfect FPS game for the downtime, here are the best Steam Sale FPS Fest deals.

The Steam FPS Fest sale will run from April 15, 2024, to April 24, 2024, at 10 AM PT.

1. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Steam FPS sale offer
Image Courtesy: IDSoftware/Doom Eternal

My first entry deserves a mention in any Steam sales list I chance upon. Doom Eternal is the sequel to the 2016 Doom, continuing where the last game left off. You again play as the legendary Doom Slayer as he wages war against the forces of hell to save Earth from the demonic presence.

Doom Eternal improves upon the gameplay introduced in 2016, making it punchier and more akin to a combo game. Furthermore, you get double the glory kills, double the enemies, and guns that feel satisfying to the teeth. If you haven’t yet, it is a must-buy in the Steam FPS Fest sale.

2. Ultrakill

Image Courtesy: New Blood Interactive/Ultrakill

If someone told me before 2020 that one indie developer would mash a fast-paced first-person shooter with a combo system like Devil May Cry, I’d call them a madman. We are in 2024, three years from 2020, and Hakita dropped Ultrakill in early access. Almost any gamer not living under a rock has heard about this. But, if you haven’t, it’s time to familiarize yourself.

Ultrakill is a fast-paced first-person shooter with a combo system. The more stylish kills you perform, the higher your combo rank. Ultimately, your goal is to kill the robots, visit hell, and get blood. It has a simple premise, extremely hard-to-master gameplay, and a solid FPS, so I suggest you buy it in this sale.

3. Ready or Not

Image Courtesy: Void Interactive/Ready or Not

During my heydeys, I regularly played a game called S.W.A.T 4 through remote play and LAN. That game still contains one of my favorite levels in any first-person tactical shooter. It also made me realize that we never got a modern take on the entire SWAT tactical shooter genre. Void Interactive came swooping in, releasing a true spiritual successor to those games.

Ready or Not is a first-person tactical shooter that puts you in the shoes of a Los Suenos Swat commander. You choose from various active crime situations and save civilians and hostages by carefully planning a point of approach. The game features reactive AI that changes tactics based on your aggressiveness and realistic tactical experiences.

4. Black Mesa

Image Courtesy: Crowbar Collective/Black Mesa

Valve’s Half-Life is one of the greatest games of my generation. It not only introduced everyone to environmental storytelling but also introduced everyone to one of the greatest universes in video games. However, the games can be a little dated, regardless of the brand-new update from last year.

Enter Black Mesa, a remake of Crowbar Collective’s first game. It faithfully recreates Half-Life in the Source Engine and improves the levels and gameplay. Furthermore, the game’s rendition of the Zen levels is easily one of the greatest feats performed by the developers. And it is a Valve-approved remake, so you can experience Half-Life with a brand-new look.

5. System Shock Remake

Image Courtesy: Nightdive Interactive/System Shock Remake

Remakes are a thing I am very two-minded about. While I appreciate the renditions of a brand-new team faithfully recreating old games, I sometimes dread the remakes losing the essence of the old games. Fortunately, Nightdive Studios respects the one game that made their company popular in the grandest way possible – through a faithful remake.

System Shock Remake is a first-person shooter with immersive sim elements, where you play as a hacker trying to escape a spaceship overrun by a rogue AI called Shodan. It faithfully recreates a visual where it is a clever mix of 2d sprites and 3D environments. Furthermore, every level is a faithful recreation of the famous Looking-Glass immersive sim that defined the genre.

The newest update adds content, including a playable female protagonist, a different ending, and more.

Other Great Deals From Steam FPS Sale 2024

Apart from the top five above, tons of other games deserve equal spotlight during this sale. Some of these have dropped down in incredibly affordable prices that I couldn’t help but mention. Here are my picks:

And these are the best Steam FPS Fest sale deals. Have more recommendations for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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