Steam Game Recording Is Here and I Couldn’t Be Happier

In Short
  • Steam finally lets you record and capture your gameplay through the new Game Recording feature.
  • In the beta branch, you can record, clip, and share footage from your favorite Steam game with anyone.
  • The key highlight features include the replay feature, which allows you to check the replay of moments in-game and a handy timeline.

Let’s face it. We all love Steam for the plethora of features it brings besides games. However, native Steam Game Recording is one thing that has been missing for all this time. While I was fine with the new Nvidia app’s recording, it seems Valve has listened. That’s right, Valve has launched a new Steam Game Recording feature in Beta that brings the power of native game recording.

The Game Recording feature on Steam allows you to record, replay, clip, and share your favorite gaming moments. With Background Recording mode, Steam continuously saves game footage to your selected drive space while maintaining storage limits. Additionally, you can manually start and stop recording at your convenience.

However, while that sounds nice, the Steam Game Recording update highlights the Replay, Event Marker, and Clipping features. With the replay feature, you can watch a replay of the moment you made a mistake. Similarly, with the new recordings and screenshots interface, you can clip a portion of any recorded video and share it. Additionally, you can now share videos through Steam Chat itself.

A timeline and event marker are another great highlight of this new Game Recording feature. The game will add markers at particular key moments in the game. This makes tracking that unique moment easier. And yes, even players can drop their key moments whenever they want. It functions much like a Twitch clip feature.

Earlier, gamers had to rely on third-party apps to do these tasks. The arrival of Steam Game Recording completely removes that necessity for games on Steam, even for non-steam games running through Steam. The Steam Game Recording is currently in beta and gamers can sign up using the link above.

Have you tried the Steam Game Recording feature yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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