This Starfield XP Farm Helps You Reach Level 100 Within 5 Hours

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Gaining XP can be a strenuous task in Starfield. Sure, it is not a necessity for you to level up quickly, and the game wants you to take it slow, exploring new planets and completing missions. However, it isn’t a secret that leveling up in the game becomes tedious unless you’re doing the questlines. Surprisingly, a YouTuber has figured out an amazing XP farming method in Starfield, making the process easier and helping you gain around 20 levels an hour. Let’s find out how it works.

YouTuber Finds a Way to Farm XP in Starfield

Starfield building outpost to make XP

The game has a robust base-builder, where you build a settlement on a discovered planet in the solar system. It works similarly to Fallout 4, with some improvements. The base builder is also used to make money if you want a steady flow of income. And someone figured out a way to use this system to farm XP points in Starfield.

YouTuber Maka91Productions showcased the process in his recent video. He claims that his XP farm can help someone reach a “high XP level” within hours.

He does make it clear that low-level players should avoid doing it since you require a lot of skill points under science to make this XP farm and the “Outpost Engineering” skill. This particular skill requires you to unlock previous tiers of skills to reach it. Once obtained, you will need to research Power Generation and Resource Extractors at a research lab. You will also require a ship with 2,000-3,000 cargo capacity to create the farm. Then, you will require the resources listed below:

  • 18 Adaptive Frames
  • 124 Aluminum
  • 24 Beryllium
  • 30 Copper
  • 2 Fiber
  • 99 Iron
  • 24 Tungsten

Once he has the resources, Maka91 sets his base at the Moon of Somati, called Andraphon. Land at the bottom of the planet, where iron is near aluminum. With everything ready, build a maximum of 6 extractors for aluminum and iron, 10 solar arrays to power these extractors, and three storage containers for each extractor. Then, you have to connect the six extractors to the first storage box, the first storage box to the second one, and the second one to the third one.

Once the above is done, make an industrial bench and bed. This build essentially uses the fact that time flows six times faster on this planet than on others. As such, iron and aluminum production is higher and faster per 24 hours. Then, you can also create adaptive frames on the bench. This is the source of XP since this item requires aluminum and iron. And the more you create, the more XP you gain. You will gain 20,000XP for every hour you spend. This does sound tedious, but spending 5 hours does sound like a good trade-off if you want to gain XP a lot faster in Starfield.

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