10 Video Game Remakes We Actually Need

When the Dead Space remake first dropped, I found myself extremely skeptical. As someone who doesn’t easily trust remakes, I wholly expected to be disappointed. However, sitting down and finishing my game playthrough made me realize I was genuinely impressed. This was also when I realized that more games need to be remade. However, with so many games out there, it’s next to impossible to figure out which ones to choose.

As someone who has fallen in love with so many video games over the years, I decided it was high time I sat down and thought about it. After brainstorming for some time, here is my list of the ten games I would love to see becoming remakes. Let’s see how much you agree with me.

1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption video game remake
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption

I begin my list with the one choice all of us knew was coming. We all know Red Dead Redemption remains one of the biggest benchmarks in how video games should be. While RDR2 came and spiced up the formula even more, the OG game never got the modern attention it deserved. As such, getting a Red Dead Redemption Remake on the RAGE Engine will be a pleasant experience.

Besides all the standard graphical improvements, Red Dead Redemption will greatly benefit from the engine’s lighting and vegetation system, which can breathe life into the game and make the world feel lively and vibrant. I hope Rockstar Games tries its hand at this idea after GTA 6 completes development. For all these reasons and more, I place the original Red Dead as the one game I want to see a remake for.

2. No One Lives Forever

No One Lives Forever video game remake
Image Courtesy: Monolith/No One Lives Forever

The story of re-releasing No One Lives Forever is an infamous one. Nightdive Studios tried to remaster and re-release this cult-classic spy comedy by Monolith Studios. Unfortunately, that game is in development hell, as three companies own the rights to it. And with none of them willing to budge, it remains there.

If Nightdive Studios ever manages to jump this hurdle, I truly wish they create a remake of it. The System Shock Remake faithfully modernized an impactful video game while keeping the essence of the original. A similar job where we can see Cate Archer in all her glory would be great. Since the game hasn’t aged well in gameplay, it sure could use a remake.

Some changes I feel the game needs include tweaking the gameplay to fit modern times, such as a vibrant and lively level structure. Since the first game had some bland environments, a little polish and tighter levels filled with more detail are needed. The remake could use better enemy AI from games like No One Lives Forever. The sky’s the limit, and I hope this series returns before I become senile.

3. Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Resident Evil Code Veronica video game remake
Image Courtesy: Capcom/Resident Evil Code Veronica

Code Veronica is a title that every Capcom and Resident Evil fan agrees should get a re-release. Or better yet, a remake in the veins of Resident Evil 2. The remake can ditch the tank controls and embrace the over-the-shoulder third-person gameplay while retaining the story beats and atmosphere.

Capcom can also try redoing and rewriting certain scenes in the game, like Resident Evil 4, to improve the storytelling. After all, the game canonically takes place between Resident Evil 2 and 3, and we’ve had remakes for those two games with subtle rewrites.

While the Japanese company might be working on the next entry in the main-line Resident Evil series, I am sure they are aware of fan requests and might revisit this game when the time is right. If done correctly, Veronica stands to be one of the best Resident Evil games of all time.

4. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Remake
Image Courtesy: Capcom/Dino Crisis

This is another Capcom survival game from yesteryears that hasn’t seen the light of day. Similar to Resident Evil, Dino Crisis is a survival horror game. You explore a secluded island, resources are scarce, and death looms around every corner.

Ever since I played the Resident Evil 2 Remake, I’ve felt that Dino Crisis could also benefit from such a remake. The third-person gameplay would make it accessible to gamers just jumping in, and it would help revitalize the series, like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7.

Furthermore, with the next-generation RE Engine already in development, Capcom can showcase its capabilities through this game and make it another video game from their overwhelming library getting the remake treatment. Plus, they can take inspiration from Monster Hunter games while creating those Dinosaurs, adding some substantial boss fights where you can take out their limbs.

5. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

NFS Most Wanted
Image Courtesy: EA Games/NFS Most Wanted

If you’ve grown up in the 2003-2006 era, chances are you’ve enjoyed Need For Speed: Most Wanted. One of the popular arcade racing games of its generation, the game pitted you against a Blacklist system, where you defeated prominent racers by outsmarting them in street races. While we did get a reboot of sorts in 2012, we never received a remake of the first game. Some of the reasons can attributed to the car and music licenses themselves.

As many car companies don’t associate themselves with street racing, it has become difficult for games like Need for Speed to thrive. However, with NFS Unbound’s moderate success, the developers can try a few remakes of the first video game in a similar vein, featuring a similar roster of cars while retaining the main storyline.

Furthermore, they can adopt a stylistic graphic approach that celebrates the game’s street racing culture. I sure hope this remake becomes a reality because I just want to race through asphalt again!

6. The Suffering

The Suffering video game remake
Image Courtesy: Surreal Software/The Suffering

The Suffering is one of the cult-classic horror games you might not know about. Made by Surreal Software, the Suffering puts you in the shoes of a death-row inmate, Torque, framed for murdering his ex-wife and two children. As Torque spends time at the prison, all hell breaks loose as monsters attack. What’s the solution to this, you ask? Shoot your way out, of course.

The Suffering is well-known for being extremely violent and grotesque. Warner Bros. currently holds the rights to the video game, and they can employ Netherrealm Studios to remake this beautiful game.

The gameplay should be inspired by games like the 2016 DOOM or Wolfenstein: The New Order, allowing players to play in first-person or third-person. And while this may sound weird, I want this remake to have even more gore than before. Yes, fight me!

7. X-COM UFO Defense

XCOM UFO Defense video game remakes
Image Courtesy: 2K Games/X-COM UFO Defense

If you’re wondering why I want an X-COM UFO Defense game to have a remake, keep reading. I’ve been playing XCOM 2 and XCOM: Chimera Squad quite frequently. While I’ve previously played both games, I cannot help but try out the older titles in the popular Frixaxis turn-based tactical series. Unfortunately, those games are dated and don’t have the punch of XCOM 2.

I think UFO Defense should get an impressive remake, and it can even be made like XCOM 2. The remake can carry the grid-based positioning system that Enemy Unkown popularized. Since the game is in an older era, they should explore the ideas introduced in The Bureau. It can even bring the base-management system from the first game. As rogue-lite has become popular over the years, it can even have a game mode where every situation is random for fresh playthroughs.

While you can play OpenXCOM and call it a day, I want a complete remake of this game to introduce even more gamers to the series.

8. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger
Image Courtesy: Square Enix/Chrono Trigger

Everyone who has played JRPG loves Chrono Trigger, which quickly became one of the greatest video games ever. Part of the credit goes to the team-up between Hironobu Sakaguchi, designer Yuji Hori, and Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama.

While the original experience is simple and concise enough for you to jump in and enjoy, I think the game needs a remake in the veins of Final Fantasy. Maybe the visuals can be replicated to fit the latest Dragon Quest games. That will help the game retain its Akira Toriyama’s identity while simplifying the gameplay for modern audiences.

Alternatively, they can experiment with the sprite work and create a game by taking inspiration from Octopath Traveller and mixing sprites with a 3D background. Ultimately, if this video game gets remade, many kids from the newer generation will appreciate a grand adventure that pulls their heartstrings.

9. Legacy of Kain

Legacy of Kain video game remake
Image Courtesy: Crystal Dynamics/Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Crystal Dynamics’ Legacy of Kain series had a lot of fan following during its heydays. The game followed a dystopian universe and memorable characters. Sadly, it hasn’t seen the light of day since the company shifted its focus to Lara Croft and her Tomb Raiding antics. However, there has been a steady interest in the series, and I’ve wanted a remake for the longest time.

If Crystal Dynamics ever picks up Legacy of Kain, they should make it a third-person hack-and-slash video game. This can be done by rewriting or re-doing sections of the game to fit the narrative and improving upon the foundations. The game should also eliminate tank controls to fit the modern gamer.

Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics will remake this video game, as the developer showed interest in working on the series a few years ago. Maybe after Amazon’s new Tomb Raider game is done. Regardless, we’ll have a brand-new character action game to enjoy if Legacy of Kain gets remade, and we haven’t had one in a long time.

10. Bully/Canis Canem Edit

Bully by Rockstar Games
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games/Bully

How fitting that my list begins and ends with Rockstar Games. The company found widespread acclaim thanks to its hard-hitting IPs. So, while the best GTA games let us be gangsters, RDR turned gamers into cowboys. However, ignoring one of the best school drama games that started it all would be grossly unfair. Enter Bully, aka Canis Canem Edit, an open-world game where you control Jimmy Hopkins, surviving the Bullworth Academy and the town of Bullworth.

Bully is widely known for its tongue-in-cheek humor and the same open-world fun Rockstar is known for. Despite its success, we never saw a remake. Instead, we had a canceled sequel in favor of more GTA Online development. And while I know GTA 6 is in active development, I can’t help feeling disappointed.

I really want a remake of Bully, as seen through Rockstar’s RAGE engine. Furthermore, they can expand upon the original, delivering better gameplay and even new side stories.

These are ten games that I eagerly want a remake of. While most games on this list are wishful thinking, I can already see some becoming a reality. Which games do you want to see a remake of? Let us know in the comments below!

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