Google Is Testing Playing Stadia Games Over Cellular Network

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Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service has been rolled out in a couple of countries already. However, so far, Stadia only allows users to stream games as long as they are connected to a WiFi network. Now, it seems Google is testing Stadia with cellular networks as well.

The company announced the new change via a blog post. Since it is a test, the feature is currently considered an experiment. As such, users will have to specifically enable the feature within the Stadia app.

To do this, you can launch the Stadia app, and tap on your profile avatar in the corner. Then just select ‘Experiments’ and choose the option to ‘Use Mobile Data’.

9to5Google has been tracking the upcoming feature for quite some time, and according to their report it will use considerably less amount of data. The website mentions that Stadia will use around 2.7GB per hour when streaming on mobile data. That’s almost half of the 4.5GB per hour that Stadia uses in streaming 720p games, and also considerably lower than 12.6GB per hour for 1080p gaming. While Google hasn’t mentioned what quality games will stream at over mobile data, it seems it will be somewhere around 360p or 480p.

The new experiment is rolling out to some users already, and if you haven’t received it yet, chances are you will get it in the next couple of days. So what do you think? Does streaming on mobile data at lower than 720p sound like a good idea to you? Let us know in the comments.

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