Stadia Now Supports Wireless Controllers on Android, Works in Landscape Mode

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Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia has been available for a while now. However, it has stayed far away from the promises Google made about the service when it was first announced. While a lot of the expected features of Stadia aren’t here yet, the latest update to Stadia for Android brings at least some new features to the mix.

Up until now, if you wanted to play Stadia games on your Android phone, you needed to connect the controller with a wire. However, starting with v2.23 of the Stadia app, it now supports wireless connection with the Stadia controller as well.

Moreover, the Stadia app only supported portrait browsing till now. That meant that players couldn’t really play games as comfortably as they would like. Fortunately, that’s another thing that has been fixed. The latest update to the app brings support for browsing Stadia in landscape mode as well.

With the new update, players will not have to switch awkwardly between landscape and portrait orientations. That, in turn, means a more seamless gaming experience on their Android phones. After all, the whole idea of Stadia is based on making gaming as seamless as it can be. Google has been rolling out new updates and improvements to Stadia since launch and even though progress has been slow, the company is getting there for sure.

So, have you guys played Stadia games on your Android phones yet? If so, what do you think of these new features? Let us know in the comments.

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