What is Google Stadia - Everything You Need to Know

Google Stadia’s Free Tier to Come ‘In the next Few Months’

What is Google Stadia - Everything You Need to Know

Google launched its cloud gaming service — Google Stadia — with 22 titles last November. The service costs $9.99 a month and $130 for the Founder’s Edition that includes the hardware kit along with few perks including three months of access to the service. A free tier was expected to come in 2020 and now, Google’s VP and product manager of Google Stadia Phil Harrison has stated that the free tier will be available in the next few months.

Harrison mentioned the timeline in an interview with Protocol. “The big strategic difference is that over the next few months you will be able to experience Stadia for free,” Harrison told Protocol. “No money down, without having to put a box in your home, you can just click and play amazing games straight from our data center.”

Google announced last month that it aims to bring as many as 120 games to the Stadia lineup to attract more gamers. This includes 10 exclusive titles as well, which would hopefully address the complaints about the lack of games in the current catalog.

While Stadia is currently limited to Pixel devices so far, the software giant is expected to officially expand Stadia to more Android and iOS devices this year. “We’re aiming to get more devices supported next year. I really want to have Stadia gameplay on every mobile device, across Android and iOS at some point. But it’s a hard technical challenge and will take us time.”, said Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product for Stadia in a Reddit AMA.

In the meantime, if you are interested, here’s how to play Google Stadia games on any Android phone.

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