Stadia Compatible With DualShock 4, Xbox One Controller, Confirms Google

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Google has updated its Stadia support pages with detailed info about all the third-party controllers compatible with the platform. While it was initially only compatible with the official Satdia controller, the announcement means that gamers can now use the service on their computers, on a TV (with a Chromecast Ultra) and a number of Pixel devices, including the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and the Pixel 4 via a variety of peripherals.

As can be seen from the official table published by the company, Google Stadia will support a variety of peripherals apart from the official Stadia Controller. The list includes the standard Keyboard and Mouse for PC gamers. It will also offer support for Sony’s DualShock 4 and Nintendo’s Switch Pro controllers, alongside a whole host of Xbox accessories, including the Xbox One controller, the Xbox One Elite controller, Xbox One Adaptive controller and also the Xbox 360 controller.

Stadia Compatible With DualShock 4, Xbox One Controller, Confirms Google

One thing worth noting here is that some of the older Xbox accessories do not feature Bluetooth, which means they can only be used via USB. However, the newer controllers will support both forms of connectivity. Also, not all the features of these controllers will be supported on all platforms. According to Google, the Home button on the Xbox controllers is unsupported on Windows, while the button on the Xbox Adaptive Controller, in particular, is not supported on Android, Linux, or ChromeOS, either.

Do note that the table above does not provide an exhaustive list of controllers that may be used with Stadia. According to Google, “other controllers may also work with Stadia, depending on their compatibility with Chrome and Android”.

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