Spotify HiFi Will Bring CD-Quality, Lossless Audio Streaming to Users Later This Year

spotify hifi lossless audio subscription coming later this year

Spotify hosted its ‘Stream On’ virtual event on Monday to reveal what the company’s roadmap for 2021 looks like. The streaming giant is expanding its reach to 80+ new markets, including Bangladesh, Africa, Cambodia, and more. The service also gains support for 36 new languages across the world, including 12 local Indian languages. But, one of the key highlights of the event will have to be a new Spotify subscription tier. Yeah, the company is finally ready to take on its rivals Tidal and Amazon Music with Spotify HiFi.

  • Spotify HiFi: All You Need to Know

Arriving later this year, Spotify HiFi promises to deliver you music streaming “in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers.” This means you will be able to experience the little intricacies and hidden vocal layers in your favorite tracks.

This has been one of the most requested new features by the users, says Spotify in an official blog post. The company is currently working to tailor the hi-fi experience to give users a seamless experience. It is also working with “some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make HiFi accessible” to more users.

The streaming giant glossed over some of the key details, including the subscription price, launch date, and more. We’re currently unsure whether Spotify HiFi will also launch in India or not. To start with, it will be available in select markets.

The HiFi tier will obviously be priced higher than the existing Premium offerings. The company, however, revealed that you will be able to upgrade your subscription with a hi-fi addon later this year.

  • Spotify Clips

The streaming giant has been spotted testing the Stories format in the past. But, it was never made official until last night’s event. The company has officially launched its own take on Stories called Spotify Clips. It will enable artists to upload short videos they want to share with fans via playlists.

We could see Clips expand to artist profiles in the near future. You will most likely see new or well-known artist stories in popular playlists such as Discover Weekly or Rap Caviar. It could be a good stage to showcase new talent.

So yeah, you will start seeing artist playlists with stories to give you a closer look at the album creation process, tours, or other related content. All this is great but we cannot wait to experience Spotify HiFi later in 2021.

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