How to Upgrade Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2

We all know Peter and Miles are both ingenious in their own right. Insomniac Games has used that character detail and created elements throughout the game where we can use that. In Spider-Man 2, that detail comes into play as Suit Tech (or Suit Mods). It’s a nifty feature that improves the performance of our friendly neighborhood heroes. Suit Techs lets you upgrade their core suit’s parameters to make them stronger.

Moreover, since suits in the game are now only cosmetic, it’s all the more important. However, for the uninitiated, knowing about Suit Tech can be confusing. We thought the same and have created a guide to explain all there is to know about upgrading Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2.

What is Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, suit tech is an alternative upgrade path introduced in the game. This replaces suit mods that were available in 2018’s Spider-Man game. As the name suggests, it improves the performance of both Peter and Miles across various parameters, such as health, focus, and more. Each successive upgrade gives you an edge over the enemies.

While the skill tree specifically focuses on combat and evasive improvements, suit tech focuses on better performance during exploration and combat. For example, you can better health pool, double focus bars, increased damage, and more with suit tech. Furthermore, these skills in the game are shared among Peter and Miles. Hence, if you unlock one, both spideys get it automatically. This ensures you’re not split between Miles and Peter, like the skill tree.

How to Upgrade Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2

Upgrading suit tech in the game only requires you to have certain items and components in your possession. When you have them, you can start upgrading the skill tree. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Open the menu by pressing the touchpad on your DualSense controller.
The Spider-Man 2 main menu
  • Press R2 to navigate to the “Suit Tech” screen. This is where you will see all the available upgrade options.
Suit tech screen spider-man 2
  • Here, select your desired suit tech skill. The skill tree will mention the component requirement for each upgrade. Once chosen, hold X to confirm.
Select a skill to improve

And it’s as easy as that! Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your spider suit to give you an edge in combat and exploration in Spider-Man 2. Fortunately, the component requirements for each upgrade are not overwhelming, and you should be able to complete the skill tree by the game’s epilogue.

Suit Tech Categories in Spider-Man 2 Game

In Spider-Man 2, there are four categories under the suit tech upgrades section. Under each suit tech, there are further sub-skills, where unlocking them will improve the performance of our superheroes. These suit tech skill trees are:

1. Health Skill Tree

The health section of Suit Tech improves the health pool of both the spider-men. It has ten sub-skills, which range from increasing the overall HP to making Peter and Miles resilient against attacks. Furthermore, some skills will also heal both characters over time.

2. Damage Skill Tree

Damage Suit Tech helps to improve the damage output of Peter and Miles during fights. While you unlock new moves under the skill tree for the respective character, this option exclusively makes both the characters better at knocking the teeth out of their enemies.

3. Focus Skill Tree

Focus Suit Tech helps improve focus for Peter and Miles, allowing them to heal and perform finishers effectively. This includes better healing, additional focus bar, increased focus gain, etc. You can also gain an additional focus bar from this tree, which helps greatly.

4. Traversal Skill Tree

Finally, the traversal Suit Tech allows Peter and Miles to improve their movement and traversal through New York City. This means better speed, better web wing handling, boosted point launch, and much more. I’d say you should definitely invest your points here if you want to be better at navigating through NYC. Also, make sure to unlock the Super Slingshot ability in Spider-Man 2.

  • Health suit tech spider-man 2
  • Damage suit tech spider-man 2
  • Focus suit tech spider-man 2
  • Traversal suit tech spider-man 2

We hope you now know what is Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2 and how to upgrade your health, damage, and focus in the game. Which skill did you focus on upgrading first? Let us know in the comments below.

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