Sony Expected to Introduce Xbox Game Pass Rival Soon

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Sony might be planning to take on Microsoft’s popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service by launching its own subscription. The sources close to the matter have suggested that an Xbox Game Pass (and even Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and more) rival by Sony is in the works and might launch in Spring.

Sony’s XBox Game Pass Competitor Coming Soon

A report by Bloomberg reveals that the Sony gaming subscription service is codenamed, Spartacus, and will include a number of modern and classic gaming titles for users. They will be able to access them by paying a monthly fee. The service is expected to combine Sony’s existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions.

The PlayStation Plus service offers online multiplayer games and free monthly titles, while the Now service consists of old PS5 games for users to play and download. When combined, there are chances that Sony might kill the PlayStation Now branding. But PlayStation Plus will stay.

While details aren’t fully available, the service is expected to get three tiers. The first tier will offer the existing PlayStation Plus benefits, the second tier will come with PlayStation 4 games, eventually adding PS5 games too. The third tier will be high-end and will include additional benefits such as extended demos, online gaming, and gaming titles available on the PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and PSP.

If Sony launches its game subscription service, it will prove helpful for it to become more popular than the Xbox Game Pass, considering its gaming consoles already are. However, it remains to be seen how it plans to do so. Plus, we don’t know if it intends to offer its exclusive titles to users at the time of release, much like how Xbox Game Pass does. Another thing it needs to do is keep the prices of the subscriptions reasonable if not lower than Game Pass, which starts at $9.99 a month.

It is further suggested that Sony is likely to focus on cloud gaming, again to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It offers a wide range of titles to play on consoles, PCs, phones, and even tablets. It even offers Xbox Cloud Gaming support in select regions.

Since there’s no concrete information available at the time of writing, we need to wait for Sony to release some official details to get a better idea. We will let you know the details once we get hold of them. Are you excited about Sony’s gaming subscription service? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Bloomberg
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