Solo Leveling Ragnarok to Return With a New Chapter Next Week

In Short
  • Solo Leveling: Ragnarok is a spin-off web novel of Solo Leveling featuring Sung Jinwoo's son.
  • The spin-off series is making a comeback after a lengthy three-month hiatus.
  • The Solo Leveling: Ragnarok series will return with Chapter 212 on April 29, 2024.

When the Solo Leveling Manhwa concluded, fans were disheartened and didn’t want to bid farewell to their favorite franchise. However, the creators surprised the community by blessing them with a spin-off. This new story, titled Ragnarok, takes place in the same universe but features a different set of characters, including Sung Su-Ho, Jin-woo’s son. So far, the spin-off series has given us 200+ chapters, but sadly, it went on a long hiatus recently, leaving fans wondering when they can read the new chapter. Well, I finally have an answer for that.

Solo Leveling Ragnarok Chapter 212 Gets a Release Date

Before going on a three-month hiatus, Solo Leveling Ragnarok gave us the spectacular Chapter 211. Now, it’s confirmed that the series will return with the 212th chapter on April 29, 2024. So, we are only a few days away from getting to meet the extraordinarily powerful characters again.

It’s not uncommon for the authors to take unexpected breaks, but the creator of Ragnarok was gone for a long time. So, fans were worried about the author’s health and the series’ future. However, fans are relieved after hearing that the series is finally returning with a new chapter.

Now, for those wondering, here are all the sources where you can read the Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manhwa legally.

What is Solo Leveling Ragnarok About?

Our beloved Solo Leveling featured the story of Sung Jinwoo, the weakest hunter who went on to become the Monarch of Shadows. However, in the spin-off, we follow the journey of Sung Su-Ho, who is, interestingly, Jinwoo’s son. In Solo Leveling, we saw a journey where a weak character works hard to become the strongest.

In Ragnarok, however, we go on a different route, as we see a character who inherits the powers from his overpowered father. After awakening, Sung Su-Ho becomes the strongest warrior of humanity as he goes on a journey to discover himself. On top of that, Sung Su-Ho has to accept this new life that comes with immense powers and even powerful threats. It’s an interesting story that sees the world of Solo Leveling through a different lens.

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