10 Best Manhwas Like Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling, written by Chugong and illustrated by Dubu, is a ground-breaking release that put Korean manhwas on the map with its popularity. It not only cemented its name among the highest-rated manhwas of all time but caused a ripple effect. The widespread success and popularity of the series led to the birth of more manhwas following the main aspects of Solo Leveling, such as a main character that can level up, dungeons and dragons, cool weapons, and more. Solo Leveling did not introduce the leveling-up trope, but it boosted its popularity to the point where many authors came up with their own versions. So, if you want to add manhwas (or mangas) like Solo Leveling to your reading list, scroll below and get started.

Spoilers Warning: As this list includes all the best manhwas that are similar to Solo Leveling, the common aspects between them have been highlighted belwo and may include potential spoilers. So, we recommend you to finish the SL manhwa in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

10. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (2018 – )

Poster of A Returner's Magic Should Be Special (2018 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.53
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Authors: Yu, So-nan, and Uk-Jakga

Alright, in reverse order, we are starting with A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special. This manhwa is based on a popular novel of the same and has even received anime adaptations. Desir Herman gets a second chance to save his friends and the world after he witnesses the end of everything by a powerful adversary.

Now that the hero gets to restart his life with all the knowledge is a big advantage. He starts to climb up his way to becoming an OP magician. This manhwa shares similar aspects like dungeons, magics, and even the [spoiler] factor that took place in Solo Leveling’s finale. The protagonist Desir is also a well-liked character in the fandom, just like Sung Jinwoo.

9. Second Life Ranker (2019 – )

poster of Second Life Ranker (2019 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.57
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Authors: Sadoyeon and Nongnong

Up next, we have Second Life Ranker, which is more of an emotional tale involving brothers but still shares a lot of similarities with Solo Leveling. In this story, the MC Yeonwoo comes to learn about his brother’s death, however, there is an enigma left by him. Soon, he starts to uncover more about his brother’s life and inherits the language he left behind.

Next, he sets out on a retaliation mission to the Tower of the Sun God (where his brother died) and plans to avenge his brother by defeating the enemies. So, as you can already tell, this story is fueled by the revenge factor, unlike Solo Leveling. However, it also has a zero-to-hero trope, cool weapons, and monsters awaiting.

This manhwa also features some insane action scenes with a dope art style that you should consider.

8. I’m the Max-Level Newbie (2021 – )

poster of I'm the Max-Level Newbie (2021 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.60
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Authors: Maslow and Swing Bat

We all know about the theme of video games becoming a reality in anime, and I’m the Max-Level Newbie follows the same trope but adds its own spin to it with real-life factors.

Here’s how the plot goes – Kang Jinhyeok is a streamer who has finished the “Tower of Trials” game and struggles to earn as his career took a hit. However, on a fateful day, the same game starts to turn into a reality in his world, where all players are required to clear the given tasks or humanity will be wiped off the planet.

Now, our die-hard gamer hero begins to shine as he has immense knowledge about this game (sure does remind me of Sword Art Online) and is already done with the game. This manhwa also features a system involving players and clearing floors similar to Solo Leveling. The hero also goes to become an amazing MC like Jinwoo. So, if you are a hardcore gamer and love reading manhwa, why not go for this one?

7. My Blasted Reincarnated Life (2022 – )

poster of My Blasted Reincarnated Life (2022 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.67
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Authors: Park, Jeongyeol, and Mongma

As the title indicates, My Blasted Reincarnated Life is an isekai manhwa about the life of a warrior. A warrior after getting defeated in the hands of demon kings gets reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart who possesses the blood of the Great Vermouth. Basically a second chance to complete unfinished business from his previous life.

Since he is gifted with a superhuman body and unreal battle skills, he can challenge anyone who appeared difficult at first in his real life. Unlike SL, the MC here sets out on a revenge path for his death in the previous life. But it involves great battle scenes with exciting weapons and magic! This manhwa is also known to have great art, which you can enjoy as an SL fan as well.

6. Overgeared (2020 – )

poster of Overgeared (2020 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.76
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Author: Park, Saenal and, Team Argo

Overgeared is a manhwa featuring an MC who plays a popular VR game. This plotline indeed makes this a Ready Player One-esque manhwa with exquisite art. The story is about Shin Youngwoo who is the lowest-ranking player in the Satisfy VR game. However, one day he stumbles upon a powerful item that grants him the ability to become a skilled blacksmith capable of forging special weapons and gears in the game.

With a nearly cheat code-like item in the game, he starts climbing up the ranks. However, this starts to glitch the game, and he now has to solve problems he wasn’t ready for yet. This manhwa involves a VR game design, and as you can guess, the protagonist gets his hands on some powerful weapons similar to Sung Jinwoo. A typical underdog story with some cool art and a refreshing storyline that is worth your time!

5. Nano Machine (2020 – )

poster of  Nano Machine (2020 - )
  • MAL Rating: 7.96
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Authors: Hanjung Wolya and Geumgang Bulgoe

Nano Machine is a manhwa focusing on the fusion of nanotechnology and martial arts. Thus, get ready for a sci-fi x action ride helmed by our hero, Yeo-un. Yeo-un gets his hands on an enigmatic nano technology from the future, and he decides to utilize this system and incorporate it with his marital art skills in his battle against his half-siblings.

As you can tell, the MC starts as the weakest and somehow gets his hands on a mysterious system that lets him level up to become overpowered in the end, the core similarity to Solo Leveling. It has some pretty good art, and the biggest highlight is the concept of the blend of nanotech and martial arts. So, if you are craving for some action manhwa, go for this one.

4. SSS-Class Revival Hunter (2020 – )

poster of SSS-Class Revival Hunter (2020 - )
  • MAL Rating: 8.04
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Authors: Bill K and Sinnoa

SSS-Class Revival Hunter is an ongoing manhwa that shares the most resemblance to Solo Leveling out of all the manhwas here. The story takes place in a world of hunters, where our MC Confucious Kim is a weak hunter and is envious of all the the top hunters. On a crucial day, he is bestowed with the gift of the unreal power to copy other hunters’ abilities (like Kakashi and Yuta). However, this skill comes with a hefty price as he has to give up his own life!

Due to this, his life is ended by the top hunter known as the Flame Emperor. And then, just like Solo Leveling, he gets a second chance at life but differently, as he copies the ability to travel back in time to avoid his death. Can Confucius ascend to the top with his newfound powers in the dungeon-esque Tower? This manhwa comes with a nice story with gorgeous art.

3. The Beginning After the End (2017 – )

poster of The Beginning After the End (2017 - )
  • MAL Rating: Nil
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Author: TurtleMe

From now on, we are entering the bets of the best, the highest-rated manhwas. We are starting with one of the most popular webtoon, The Beginning After the End, also known as TBATE.

TBATE is a reincarnation webtoon, where the MC King Grey gets reincarnated into another place as Arthur Leywin. This manhwa and SL share a majority of aspects from its MC to world-building, but the most common being the character design of the protagonist.

TBATE is still ongoing with a massive fanbase following to this day. Set in a fantasy world, witness the rise of the mage similar to our necromancer in Solo Leveling with dazzling art and an intriguing plot. You don’t want to miss out on this one as it is also one of the best webtoons of all time.

2. Tower of God (2010 – )

poster of Tower of God (2010 - )
  • MAL Rating: 8.37
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Author: SIU

Tower of God is one of the longest-running manhwas and has amassed millions of fans all over the world. TOG is about the life story of our hero, Twenty-Fifth Bam who enters the mysterious Tower without getting chosen in the first place. Remember the time when Sung Jinwoo enters a dungeon where he has to clear every floor and reach the top of the tower?

This story also primarily features a tower-like world filled with deadly monsters and cunning beings. Just like the enigmatic system in SL, in TOG, the Tower also holds many hidden secrets and the only way to uncover them is by completing the challenges that lie ahead. Can our hero rise to prominence in his daring journey to the Tower and become a powerful being at the end? Watch for yourself!

1. Omniscient Reader (2020 – )

poster of Omniscient Reader (2020 - )
  • MAL Rating: 8.44
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Authors: Sing N song and Sleepy-C

We all have read and watched a share of games turning into reality. But how about the webtoon you have been reading turns into a nightmare of a reality in the world you live in? That is the story of the Omniscient Reader as the protagonist Kim Dokja who knows everything about the webtoon called Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA) becomes the reality.

With an immense knowledge of this world, can Dokja continue to level up in this magical realm? The power system has no upper limit like Solo Leveling as the MC can level up with no restrictions at all. With its unique story and incredible art, Omniscient Reader is the quintessence of a manhwa like Solo Leveling.

Bonus – Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

poster of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

The final piece of the puzzle we have on our list is Solo Leveling: Ragnarok. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, many people are not aware of this Solo Leveling spin-off sequel. It tells the story of Sung Suho, the son of Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In.

It is currently releasing as a novel and is heavily rumored to receive a manhwa adaptation later this year. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for this one as this is the only manhwa where we can relive the glory of Jinwoo again, but this time with his son.

So, that’s our list of manhwas or mangas like Solo Leveling. Solo Leveling was a legendary milestone in manhwa history, and we are so happy to see its deserved anime adaptation in 2024. This will only further boost the popularity and more fans will get into reading manhwas. That said, if you think we have missed out on any awesome manhwa similar to Solo Leveling, let us and our readers know in the comments below.

Is there any good manhwa like Solo Leveling?

Yes! There are plenty of manhwa like Solo Leveling such as Omniscient Reader, Tower of God, Nano Machine, etc that you can find above on our list.

What comes after Solo Leveling?

There is a sequel to Solo Leveling known as Solo Leveling: Ragnarok which will showcase the life story of Sung Suho, the son of Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In.

Is Solo Leveling officially ending?

Solo Leveling has officially ended with 179 chapters and an extra 21 epilogue chapters to wrap up the story.

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