The Sims 5: Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, and More

In Short
  • The new Sims 5 in-development is called Project Rene. It will be a free-to-play title.
  • As of now, the game is confirmed for PC and mobile platforms.
  • Maxim and EA are focusing on the online social aspects and crossplay features, along with better Sims behavior.

In a short few months, it will be ten years since Sims 4 hit the shelves. However, everyone around the globe has been eagerly waiting for the next installment. Thankfully, the Sims 5 is official. Titled ‘Project Rene’ by EA Maxis, the upcoming game is currently in the works behind wraps. While not too much information about the game is available, some bits and pieces define what the upcoming experience will be like. To get you hyped up for Sims 5, we have compiled everything we currently know about the game. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Sims 5 ‘Project Rene’ Trailer

EA Maxis officially confirmed the existence of the Sims 5 last year. Called Project Rene as its working title, this is the next-generation Sims game that will be the go-to platform for the game for the foreseeable future. Project Rene is currently in development, with the team reassuring back during the original reveal that it represents their renewed commitment to the series.

This is interestingly also where the word ‘Rene’ comes from, as the team mentions the word ‘hints to works like renewal, renaissance, and rebirth’, which is the intention behind Sims 5.

Lyndsay Pearson, VP of the franchise creative for The Sims, had this to say during the reveal:

“This new future requires us to stay true to what The Sims has always been while pushing to evolve how those Sims think and behave.

She further mentions that Sims 5 will push tools further when creating and customizing and will tell stories. The game will further heighten the experience when compared to the previous entries. However, Sims 5 will co-exist alongside other games and interconnect to create a better experience.

The Sims 5: Release Date

The team at EA and Maxis have already confirmed that the next Sims title is very far away. The reason they announced the game earlier than expected is so that they can include the community in the development of the title.

As such, we expect Sims 5 to launch anywhere from 2025 to 2026. However, depending on the development, this timeline could get delayed further. In the Behind the Sims Summit linked above, Pearson also mentioned that the time will continuously share game updates to ensure the community is kept in the loop. Early access might also be opened up to smaller groups, but that is also quite far away.

The Sims 5 Pricing (Expected)

In Episode 3 of Behind The Sims, the developers revealed their plans for the game. Thankfully it has confirmed that Project Rene will be a free-to-play game. Core gameplay mechanics, including weather, will also be included without any payment required.

This matches what the Sims Community website noticed. A new job posting was posted on the EA’s career listing page where EA planned to hire a professional for the “Head of Marketplace & Monetization” for the newest entry to the Sims Franchise.

The job listing had lines like an in-game marketplace and a free-to-enter game. This confirms that maybe EA and Maxis will make the base game a free-to-play offering. However, additional paid content and DLC might launch for a fixed price or release through the in-game marketplace like Fortnite.

The Sims 5: Supported Platforms

During the reveal of Project Rene, EA Maxis officially showed the game running on two different platforms. The first is where the series has thrived for its entire duration – PC. The other is on a smartphone. This also confirms that Sims 5 will be coming to mobiles.

The summit even showed that players can seamlessly switch back and forth between PC and mobile. So, we can expect Sims 5 to come with cross-progression.

Maxis has currently not confirmed any other platforms. After all, the game is very early in development. If we see how Sims 4 saw a launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is safe to expect the game to get a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S launch. However, the question is whether Sims 5 will launch on the Nintendo Switch.

EA has ignored the Nintendo Handheld for a big chunk of time. We do not expect that to change soon unless Maxis manages to run the game on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

The Sims 5: Gameplay Features

For Sims 5, Maxim has teased a few features through the three Behind The Sims updates on the official YouTube channel.

One of the new features EA Maxis briefly showcased during the Behind The Summit was the sharing feature. In it, we saw Sims 5 allowed players to arrange furniture and items in one group instead of an entire room or building. Another feature showcased was players modifying the furniture layout on the PC build, with the mobile build simultaneously updating in real-time.

The crossplatform play of Sims 5 Project Rene in showcase
Image credit: EA/Maxim

The second update for the game confirmed the dev team is experimenting with a social play experience. Through this feature, two players can team up to design an apartment. The team also confirmed that this feature will be optional from the get-go. This also confirmed the game has multiplayer in some form or other.

Another thing we have some information about is the planned behavior system for Sims 5. The team wants to create a new system where players can recognize how their Sims feel and what they think through their behavior. To do that, the Sims will perform a variety of attitudes, emotions, and postures, requiring various objects and socialization features. The development of this feature is happening rapidly, and the team promised to share more soon.

Additionally, in a recent episode of the One More Life gaming podcast by, Lyndsay Pearson shared her idea for the multiplayer experience. Pearson shows her interest in introducing multiplayer to the upcoming game.

“We want to introduce multiplayer,” Pearson said on the podcast. “And not multiplayer in the big, scary ‘jump in a world full of strangers’ kind of way.” – Lyndsay Perason

However, they want an approachable experience. They are currently exploring different flavors of this idea, taking cues from titles like Animal Crossing and Among Us.

Finally, the developers are trying to create a clean, clear, and simple visual. This means they are avoiding the cluttered, confusing UI of the Sims games. While it has its charm, it looks overwhelming in-game.

With so much information already in the open, we cannot stop getting excited about Project Rene. And, as 2024 slowly starts progressing, we should get more updates. What is your wishlist for the upcoming Sims 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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