Second-Gen Apple Watch Ultra To Feature 3D-Printed Parts: Kuo

Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen to come with 3D printed parts

Last year, Apple unveiled the ultra-premium and rugged Apple Watch Ultra alongside the Apple Watch Series 8. Now this year, we are already expecting the second-gen of the watch to arrive with the iPhone 15 lineup in September. And to keep your interest spiked, we have a very interesting Apple Watch Ultra update for you. Keep reading to unveil the latest rumor surrounding the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra.

Next-Gen Apple Watch Ultra With 3D Printed Parts?

Renowned Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed via Twitter and Medium that the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra, set to launch in September, will boast 3D-printed mechanical components. The highlight of this revelation is “mechanical components.”

The only mechanical components in the current Apple Watch Ultra are the Digital Crown, the Side Button, and the Action Button. This means that all three components will be digitally printed instead of being crafted out of the CNC machine process.

Kuo adds, “My latest survey indicates that Apple is actively adopting 3D printing technology, and it’s expected that some of the titanium mechanical parts of the 2H23 new Apple Watch Ultra will be made by 3D printing.

If Kuo’s prediction comes to life, it will mean reduced production costs and production time for the Apple Watch Ultra. But will this have any effect on the overall price of the product? That is something we have to wait for. On an optimistic note, if the Cupertino tech giant is able to successfully pull this off, it will be only a matter of time before we see an iPhone with 3D printed parts, followed by MacBooks, iPads, and more Apple products.

As of now, we do not have much information about the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra. Apple is quite good at keeping the lid intact and hence the flow of information is limited at the moment. Although Kuo is a highly trusted source, we urge you to treat this revelation with a grain of salt.

So, stick around with us to get notified of the latest updates on the Apple Watch Ultra. In the meanwhile, comment down your thoughts on the infusion of 3D-printed technology in the Apple Watch Ultra down below.

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