Sasuke Finally Shows up in Boruto Two Blue Vortex, But Not As We Expected!

Sasuke in Boruto anime
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In Short
  • Sasuke appears in chapter 4 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga at last, but just not as we thought.
  • It is implied that he got bitten by a claw grime as he was transformed into a tree.
  • As a result of this transformation, a Shunju who resembles Sasuke can be seen in the same chapter as well.

The Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga marked the return of all the prestigious and beloved characters in the Naruto universe. This upgraded manga experience is an exhilarating roller coaster ride as we continue to enjoy the best possible version of Boruto. While we have already seen the post-time skip character designs of some of the major characters, fans were eagerly awaiting the return of Shadow Hokage, Sasuke Uchiha.

He was the one who took Boruto along with him to train pre-time skip, and we didn’t get to see him until the most recent and fourth chapter. Yes, we finally meet Sasuke in Boruto TBV Chapter 4. But welp! You are not going to like how he appears.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about the characters in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga. We suggest you watch the anime and read the manga (up to Boruto TBV: Chapter 4) to avoid ruining your experience.

Sasuke’s Return in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga

Ever since the first release of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, there has been only one question that’s been echoing throughout the fandom — “When and how will Sasuke return?”

For those unaware, Sasuke was last seen picking up Boruto and leaving to train the son of his best friend. But as things stand, it looks like Sasuke did not get to train Boruto in a full-fledged manner. Why, you ask? Because the arrival of Sasuke was not portrayed the way we thought it would be all along. He didn’t jump into the fight like a savior with Chidori or his flashy techniques.

In the latest chapter 4 of the Boruto TBV manga, Sasuke returns, but it appears that he got sealed inside one of those God Tree-like structures that we first saw in chapter two.

Image Courtesy: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 (Viz Media/ Shonen Jump)

Upon escaping from his fight with the new villains introduced in manga Chapter 4, Boruto returns to Sasuke and is seen saying, “I’m sorry. You’re going to have to wait a little while longer, Uncle Sasuke!” This has sent the fans thinking that Sasuke wasn’t the one training this prodigy and that something ominous happened during the time-skip period.

Moreover, a Sasuke-like Shinju has appeared with two hands (yes, two hands). This is possibly due to Sasuke getting bitten by a claw grime as he can now be seen captured inside a tree.

We are eager to learn about how this happened and how another well-known character, Kashin Koji, came into play. Was Boruto trained by both of them? or is the truth different somehow? Only time is going to get us the answer. For now, as Boruto has moved to a monthly release cycle, we have to wait a long time, as Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 comes out next month, right before Christmas.

We certainly didn’t expect (or want) to see the return of Sasuke in this situation. Things are rapidly changing in this world, and it would have been good to have him with Boruto, as everyone (except a few nakama) is against him. But with this twist to the story, it’s all in the hands of Boruto to rewrite history and bring peace to Konoha (just like his dad did long back).

That said, what do you think about Sasuke’s glum return in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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