Samsung’s AirDrop Alternative May be Called Quick Share

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Samsung is reportedly working on an AirDrop alternative file-sharing feature called Quick Share that might be available on the company’s upcoming Galaxy S20 lineup. Believed to have been first discovered by XDA’s Max Weinbach, the upcoming feature is said to be similar to that of Apple’s AirDrop functionality that remains the fastest, most reliable implementation so far.

According to the report, Quick Share will be a relatively straightforward tool for sending files quickly between two Galaxy phones. However, while Weinbach did manage to install the APK on multiple Samsung devices, he apparently failed to get it to work on any of them. That’s because the APK was extracted from a Galaxy S20+ 5G unit and isn’t fully compatible with other devices. It is not available with One UI 2.0, but should be launching with One UI 2.1 and later. It might also be eventually rolled out to all recent Galaxy devices, but we can’t be sure about that just yet.

Screenshots Courtesy: Max Weinbach / XDA

Meanwhile, as for the app itself, it will enable users to transfer photos, videos, audio files and more between compatible Samsung smartphones. Users will get two options for sharing – ‘Contacts Only’ and ‘Everyone’. While the former will enable users to transfer files to Samsung Social users who they have in their contacts, the latter will let them share with anyone with a supported device.

Screenshots Courtesy: Max Weinbach / XDA

Overall, the app will apparently function similarly to the myriad other file-sharing apps offered by various smartphone vendors and third-party vendors, but with one notable difference. Users will be able to send files to supported Samsung Smart Things devices by temporarily uploading them to Samsung Cloud. Users will be able to send only up to 1GB at a time, with a maximum limit of 2GB per day.

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