Samsung’s New App for Galaxy Watches is Dedicated to Hand Washing


Who would have thought a few months earlier, that washing hands will become a legit weapon against something in a world filled with nukes? However, the Novel Coronavirus has changed everything and now keeping your hands clean is one of the most crucial ways to avoid contracting COVID-19. That is why many major companies are encouraging users to wash their hands periodically and frequently. Now, Samsung has come up with an app to make users wash their hands and keep them clean.

Simply named “Hand Wash”, the app is developed by a small team of developers and designers from the Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore (SRI-B) and is currently available for Galaxy Watch users around the world.

Now, Samsung’s app comes right after Google’s addition of “hand wash reminders” feature to their Clock app. However, unlike an additional functionality to an existing app, Samsung’s “Hand Wash” is a dedicated app. Hence, the app has much more functionality than Google’s version.

Screen Time…But for Handwashing

First of all, you can set the app as your clock face, so that every time you go to check the time, it will provide you with relevant info about your handwashing habits. For instance, the app shows a chart indicating your week’s average hand washes with a daily view to top it off. Apart from this, in the clock face, the “Hand Wash” app also shows the elapsed time since you last washed your hands. So, it is like a screen time feature, but for your handwashing habits.

Now, the CDC recommends washing hands for 20 whole seconds. So, when you start washing your hands as per the reminder given by the app, it starts a 25-second countdown by giving you haptic feedback. According to Samsung, the 5 extra seconds is for turning the tap on/off and taking the soap in the hands.

The “Hand Wash” app comes with 8 reminders to wash your hands. However, if you want to wash your hands more throughout the day, you add more reminders to the list. On the other hand, if you think 8 is a big number, you can delete up to 3 reminders from the list.

So, if you are a Galaxy Watch user, you can go to the Galaxy Store to download the “Hand Wash” app right now.

VIA XDA Developers
SOURCE Samsung Newsroom
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