Samsung to Stop LCD Panel Production by 2020

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Samsung will reportedly end the production of LCD panels in South Korea and China. According to Reuters, the South Korean tech giant will stop LCD productions by the end of this year.

The step follows Samsung’s previous announcement of suspending one of its two LCD production lines in South Korea last October due to reduced demand.

The company, however, will fulfill all the current LCD orders by the end of 2020. “We will supply ordered LCDs to our customers by the end of this year without any issues,” a Samsung spokesperson told Reuters.

It is worth noting that Samsung announced its 13.1 trillion won ($10.72 billion) 5-year investment plan to upgrade its LCD production lines in South Korea to focus on the production of Quantum Dot OLED panels last year.

However, the plans regarding the future of its Chinese LCD production lines remain uncertain for now. It is likely that Samsung may utilize its Chinese factories for focusing on Quantum Dot OLED panels to stay ahead of LG.

With Samsung out of the scene, companies like Apple will have to rely on other suppliers for meeting their LCD needs. However, there are reports suggesting that Apple would switch to Mini-LED display for its iPads and MacBooks.

Samsung is not the only company leaving LCD behind in favor of better and much-sophisticated display technologies. One of Samsung’s primary competitors in the display market, LG, has also announced it will stop the production of LCD TV panels to focus on QLED and OLED panels by the end of the year.

SOURCE Reuters
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