Samsung’s Next AI Trick Could Boost Galaxy S25’s Battery Life

Galaxy S24 Ultra
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In Short
  • Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra could have the same battery and charging speeds as the S24 Ultra.
  • To compensate for this, Samsung is developing a "Battery AI" feature.
  • The feature would boost the battery and make it last 5-10% longer by killing unwanted processes.

We’ve seen many smartphone components evolve over the years, but one quintessential component that has remained the same is the Battery. Samsung wants to fix that by using AI on its upcoming Galaxy S25 series as it expands its AI battalion. Here’s everything you need to know.

First reported by Wccftech, X (formerly Twitter) user Sawyer Galox posted that Samsung had plans to increase the Battery size and charging speeds on the S25 Ultra. The brand has now backtracked on the same to “keep the price down”. This means the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature the same 5,000 mAh cell and 45W charging speed as the S24 Ultra.

However, another X tipster PandaFlashPro posted that Samsung is working on “Battery AI” which could make the phone last 5-10% longer. Battery AI will smartly “shut down unnecessary tasks” to save battery.

Android OEMs, including Samsung, already have their optimizations in place; hence, we’re not exactly sure how Battery AI will work. However, we do hope the AI doesn’t go overboard killing necessary apps.

Samsung’s current background app optimizations make its Android skin One UI the fourth-worst OEM skin on Don’t Kill My App, the most popular benchmark that measures how efficiently Android skins handle background apps.

The Battery AI feature could come to the Galaxy S25 series and should make its way to the S24 series and Fold series as well. Also, it’s a bit too early for these crumbs to arrive, so do not take them at face value. What are your thoughts on Battery AI? Let us know in the comments below.

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