Samsung’s 2021 QLED TV Lineup Will Support HDR10+ Adaptive Feature

Samsung QLED TV new feature

While LG is looking to introduce new mini LED TVs at CES 2021, Samsung has today announced a new HDR10+ Adaptive feature for its QLED TVs. It will come baked into the company’s next-gen QLED TV lineup to provide an improved viewing experience based on your room’s lighting conditions.

This feature is an improvement over the open-source HDR10+ format that’s already popular with TV makers. HDR10+ Adaptive builds on this with the use of the TV’s light sensor to measure the room’s ambient light. It can then make the necessary adjustments for dynamic scene-by-scene optimization, says Samsung in an official press release.


This means Samsung’s 2021 QLED TV lineup will take into account a wide array of factors, including room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows to further enhance the HDR10+ experience. “We are delighted to offer smart picture quality solutions that will enhance consumers’ at-home HDR viewing experience, bringing original-quality cinematic experience to our consumers around the world,” stated Younghun Choi, Executive VP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

The upcoming QLED TV lineup will also support Filmmaker Mode, which was introduced last year. It is a display setting that Samsung created in partnership with “filmmakers, studios and (other) consumer electronics manufacturers.”

What does the Filmmaker Mode do? Well, it is aimed at preserving the creative intent of the movie/ TV show producer. Therefore, it disables features like motion smoothing and respects the frame rates, colors, and more. You can enjoy the content how it was intended to with this feature.

How will you be able to experience these new technologies? Well, the Korean giant has partnered with Amazon Prime Video to enable both HDR10+ Adaptive and Filmmaker Mode on the streaming platform. All Ultra-HD movies and TV shows on Prime Video will support these features to make your viewing experience immersive and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more information on Samsung’s 2021 QLED TV lineup.

VIA SamMobile
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