Roblox Titan Warfare Codes (March 2024)

Leo Tolstoy once said, “What a terrible thing war is, what a terrible thing!” However, in the Titan Warfare experience in Roblox, you go to war, and only one can prevail. Be on the side of Marleyans or Eldians in this Attack on Titan-inspired Roblox game. However, while you fight other players by titan shifting in the early game, you might feel low on strength. To cover that part, you will need to buy perks using coins or unlock boosts. That is why we have compiled Titan Warfare codes for you to get free spins and cash.

Titan Warfare Working Codes List

We looked for new codes on February 29, 2024, and the codes listed below are working in-game. We remove codes as soon as they stop working and add new ones as they become available. In case you do not want to miss any code, make sure you bookmark this page.

  • THIS_IS_FREEDOM: Cash and Spins
  • STOP_EREN: Cash and Spins
  • STOP_THE_RUMBLING: Cash and Spins
  • FREEDOM_IS_HERE: 10 keys
  • GIANT_SPINE: 5k Cash and Spins
  • TRUE_FREEDOM: 2.5k cash
  • BREAK_FREEEEEE: Cash, Keys, and Spins
  • TRUE_FREEDOM: Cash, Keys, and Spins
  • MIKASA_SUKASA: Cash, Keys, and Spins
  • IF_I_LOSE_IT_ALL: Cash, Keys, and Spins
  • S4P3: 2.5k cash
  • SEASON_4!!!?: cash, keys, and spins
  • ILOVEDBD: cash, keys, and spins
  • CONN1E: cash, keys, and spins
  • TITANBATTLE: cash, keys, and spins
  • POTATO_LOVER: $1K cash, keys and spins
  • HANG3: $500 cash, keys and spins
  • ILOVETITANWARFARE: $400 cash, keys, and spins

Redeem Titan Warfare Codes in Roblox

Note: Roblox codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to copy the exact code from the list above before you paste it. Look for additional spaces and capitalisations used in the code before redeeming it.

To obtain rewards in-game, you need to redeem these codes using the following steps:

  • Open your Roblox player and launch the Titan Warfare experience.
  • Once in-game, click on the Shop icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • In the pop-up window, click on CODE, enter any working code, and click ENTER.

List of expired Titan Warfare codes

As we’ve mentioned before, Roblox codes expire quickly and need to be replenished. New codes are released during in-game events and on special occasions. But, at times, expired codes can work for some Roblox players, so do give them a try.

  • YEL3NA
  • K3NNY
  • 300K_LIKES
  • ANN1E
  • SEASON_3!!

War is never won alone, so use our assistance and grab the Titan Warfare codes before they run out. If you think we did not mention any code, tell us in the comments.

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