Roblox Anime Champions Simulator Codes (April 2024)

Roblox has no shortage of games that give you pure anime vibes. Made by the creator of Anime Fighters Simulator, Anime Champions Simulator is another one of those fine creations. Starting as a simple rookie, players work their way up as they collect their favorite champions and train them to become the strongest of all. However, even the best players need some help. To help you on your adventure, we have compiled the best Anime Champions Simulator codes to give you all the rewards you need. So, without any delay, let’s get right into it.

Anime Champions Simulator Working Codes List

As of writing our list, the codes below are working on March 30, 2024. As always, we will remove the expired codes once they stop working. Bookmark this page so you never miss any new ACS codes.

  • 10kPlay: multiple rewards (NEW)
  • OrbEnhanced: multiple rewards (NEW)
  • Ultrainstinct: multiple rewards (NEW)
  • Survey: Galaxy 1 and 2 cosmic summon, luck boost, and scrap/dust & diamonds (NEW)
  • Punch: multiple rewards (NEW)
  • DailyQuest3: multiple rewards
  • GiveMeAstral: two summon capsules
  • DailyQuest2: multiple rewards
  • PatchSunday: multiple rewards
  • OrbLuckBuff: 3 Luck Boosts and 1k Diamonds (NEW)
  • Update13: free Cosmic Summon, 1k Diamonds, Scrap, Dust, and Potions (NEW)
  • DailyQuest: 1 Raid Chest Key, 300 Scraps, 1 Coins Boost, 1 Drops Boost, 1 Luck Boost, and 1 XP Boost
  • CloverPower: free Cosmic Summon, 1k Diamonds, Scrap, Dust, and Potions
  • VirtualDungeon: 1,000 Diamonds, Boosts
  • DungeonBuff: 1k Diamonds
  • HappyHoliday: 1 Raid Chest Key, 300 Scraps, Boosts
  • HappyNewYear: 1,000 Gems, Boosts
  • WOW100Mil: 2,500 Diamonds, 3 Advanced Ascension Cards, 6 T2 Cards, 1 Raid Key
  • 100kFaves: 2,500 Diamonds, 10,000 Candies, Boosts
  • JingleBells: 1 Halloween Summon, 1 Raid Chest Key, 300 Scraps

Redeem Anime Champions Simulator Codes in Roblox

Note: Roblox codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to copy the exact code from the list above before you paste it. Look for additional spaces and capitalisations used in the code before redeeming it.

To ensure you get these rewards, you must learn how to redeem the codes in Anime Champions Simulator. Follow the steps below to learn how to do so:

  • Launch the Anime Champions Simulator on Roblox and tap the “Shop” icon on the left.
  • After doing so, click the “Gift Wrap” button on the right.
  • Now, type out the working code in the empty box and click “Redeem” to get the reward.
  • Shop Option in Anime Champions Simulator
  • Redeem option in ACS

List of Expired Anime Champions Codes

The codes below are expired and, as such, won’t work. However, we have listed them if you still want to try your luck. We will update and move working codes to this section once they expire.

  • DeathBall
  • QuestFix
  • Galaxy2Hype
  • DirtyGalaxy
  • PatientZero
  • WinterIsComing

These are all the codes currently available for Anime Champions Simulator in Roblox. Think we missed any ACS codes in our list? Drop them down in the comments below!

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