How to Recover Your Snapchat Account

In Short
  • If you forget your Snapchat password, then you can use your email ID or mobile number to reset your password.
  • In case you can't remember either email or username then use the email recovery option and try all your known email IDs.
  • Make sure to set up two-factor authentication on your Snapchat account to protect it from being stolen.

Logged out of your Snapchat account and can’t get access to it anymore? Could be because you do not remember your password, or forgot the email ID you used to set up your account, or perhaps someone hacked into your Snapchat. Whatever the case may be, the situation can be quite frustrating to deal with. Therefore in this article, we are going to show you how to recover your Snapchat account and what you can do to make it more secure.

Before you start with the recovery process, it is crucial to learn what made you lose access to your account. Was it because you can’t seem to recall your password, or do you suspect that your account got compromised? We have discussed the process to get back your Snapchat account in both of these cases, still, it is important to know the reason why your account is inaccessible.

Recover Snapchat Account if You Have Lost Your Password

If you have forgotten your Snapchat account’s password and cannot log in, then you can simply reset the password to quickly regain access to your account. Just follow these steps to reset your account password:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on Log In.
  2. Enter your username or email and then tap on Forgot your password?.
On Snapchat enter your email ID or username then tap on Forget Password option

The app will prompt you to choose whether you want to recover your account using your phone or email.

Recover account using email address

  1. Tap on the Via Email option and enter your email ID linked to your Snapchat account.
  2. Then tap on Send Confirmation Code.
  3. This will open a browser window, where you have to enter your email ID again. Then tap on the Submit button.
  1. Snapchat will send you an email with a link to reset the password. Open the email then tap on the link to open it.
  2. Now enter your new password and tap on Save to reset it.
  3. After resetting the password, go back to the login page and sign in to your Snapchat account.

This is how you can reset your Snapchat password using the email option.

Recover account using phone number

In case you want to use your phone number then proceed with the following steps.

  1. Tap on the Via Phone option.
  2. Now enter your mobile number associated with your account and press Submit.
  3. A six-digit OTP will be sent to your number. Enter the OTP and you should be logged back in your account.

Recover Snapchat Account If You Forgot Your Username and Email

If you have not used Snapchat in a while and are trying to get back in the game, then it can be difficult especially if you don’t remember your username or email associated with the account. In this situation, the best way to go is to use your email than your username as it will be easier to remember. Then use the forgot password method that we discussed above to get your account back.

However, what happens if you have forgotten the email ID you used to create that account? Well, here is what you can do about it:

List down all your email IDs: You may have multiple email IDs one of which you might have used to create your Snapchat account but don’t recall which one. So you should first make a list of all the email IDs you have. This will help to ease the recovery process.

Use recovery via email option: You should then use the recovery via email option that we discussed above. Enter your email IDs one by one to see which one works. The emails that are not associated with any account will show an error, “Email address is invalid”.

Repeat the same process until you find the right email ID and then use it to reset the password and recover your account. Follow the steps in the section above for the same.

How to Recover a Stolen Snapchat Account

Recovering a stolen or hacked Snapchat Account is not easy. How hard it will be to recover that account depends on the intruder’s changes to your account. In such a scenario, you can try these things.

  • If your account is compromised and you have been logged out. Then log back in immediately and change the password by going to Settings > Password > Change Password.
  • If someone has already changed the password, you can use the password reset route to take back control of your account.
  • However, if the recovery email ID and the phone number associated with that account have been changed as well then the only thing you can do is contact Snapchat Support, fill up a form, and hope that they recover the account for you.

In case you suspect that your Snapchat account details have been leaked in a data dump then the website haveibeenpwned is a good place to check.

How to Secure Your Snapchat Account

It’s always better to secure your Snapchat account from the start than to wait for a tragedy to strike and then scramble to deal with it later. There are a few measures that you should take to make sure that your account is always secure. Lowering the probability of anyone getting their hands on your account without your knowledge.

Keep Track of Your Username, Email ID, and Number

You can choose any email ID or phone number while creating your Snapchat account. While this is great if you don’t want to share your details with Snapchat, it also means that if you lose your password or someone hacks into your account, there will be no way to get it back.

To stay on the safer side, make sure to check and keep track of your Snapchat number and email address. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on your profile icon at the top left corner.
  2. Now tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.
  3. Here you will see your Name, Username, Mobile Number, and Email listed.
  4. Take a screenshot of it or save these details somewhere safe so you can bring it up if needed.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

While you are in Snapchat’s settings, it would be also great if you enable the two-factor authentication as it decreases the chances of anyone breaking into your account. It also allows you to sign out any other device linked to your account. To enable it, use the mentioned steps.

  1. On Snapchat, tap on your profile icon in the top left.
  2. Then tap on the settings icon to open Snapchat settings.
  3. Now head over to Two-factor Authentication.
  1. If this is your first time setting it up then tap on Continue.
  2. You can choose between SMS Verification and Authentication App. In this instance, we’ll go with the SMS option.
  3. Now, enter the OTP sent to your phone number.

This will enable your Two-Factor Authentication from your mobile number. If you want to go with the Authentication App then choose that option and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it.

Generate a Recovery Code

After enabling two-factor authentication, the app will ask you to generate a recovery code so you don’t get locked out of your account. You can use a recovery code in case you lose access to your two-factor authentication app or mobile number. To generate a recovery code on Snapchat, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Snapchat’s settings page using the steps above.
  2. Now tap on Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. From the next page, choose Recovery Code to generate the Snapchat recovery code.
  4. Next, tap on Generate.
  1. Here, enter your Snapchat account’s password then tap on Continue.
  2. Your recovery code will be a 10-digit number. Make sure to save it or write it down somewhere safe.

You can use the recovery code to access your Snapchat account if/when you get locked out.

Best Practices for Passwords

While this is common sense, not many people adhere to it. You should always follow the best practices for creating a password. That means creating different passwords for different accounts and using a long and random password with various combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters.

With multiple social media platforms, keeping up with the username and password can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can start using a good password manager to save all your passwords and auto-fill the credentials when you need them.

I hope this article was able to help you recover your Snapchat account. If you take away anything from this article, I would like it to be the fact that you should make it harder for others to steal your account. Also make sure to save your login details somewhere safe so that if you need them, you can find them easily. Meanwhile, if your Snapchat is not working or if your Snapchat is not sending Snaps, we have dedicated guides to help you fix these issues. Also, don’t forget to check our Snapchat tricks article to get the most out of this social media platform.

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