Rebel Moon: Why Is Kora Called The Scargiver?

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon introduced us to some amazing characters, including our protagonist, Kora, portrayed by Sofia Boutella. Even though the film franchise is centered around her, we never get to know who she actually is until the second film’s arrival. For instance, Rebel Moon Part 2 highly focuses on her nickname Scargiver. So, why is Kora called the Scargiver? Let’s find out.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for the events in Revel Moon Part Two, so proceed at your own risk.

Note: Rebel Moon Part 2 has not exactly revealed why Kora is called the “Scargiver.” So, I have given the reason based on my interpretations and some hints given by Zack Snyder.

Kora’s spectacular prowess and combat skills were always something that made her extraordinary. In Rebel Moon Part 1, she killed Admiral Nobel in a brutal duel at the end of the film. In the second part, we see that even after resurrecting, he couldn’t get rid of the scar that Kora gave him on the chest. This might seem the most obvious reason why Kora earned the nickname Scargiver, but there’s of course more to it. It can’t be the only reason for getting the title because Kora was called the Scargiver in the first film even before she had any confrontation with the Admiral.

In the first film, Balisarius attacked the world where Kora (or Arthelais) used to live with her family. Even though the former killed her parents, she was adopted by him. From Kora’s home to her name, everything changed. Balisarius trained her to fight alongside the Imperium for the Motherworld.

Eventually, Balisarius transformed Kora into someone who could be his biggest asset and help him invade other planets like he did before Kora was abducted from her hometown. So, the victim eventually became the oppressor and according to me, this can be a big reason for Kora to get that title. That’s because she was destroying everything in her path, thus, leaving scars in people’s lives.

Kora from Rebel Moon
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Moreover, Kora became the bodyguard of Princess Issa and gained the trust of the entire royal family. When the princess, king, and queen met Balisarius, they realized their most trustworthy bodyguard had given them the biggest betrayal. After the entire royal family was killed, Balisarius tried to seize Kora after calling her a killer. Kora’s impeccable combating skills helped her escape the grip of the soldiers of the Imperium.

From the perspective of Balisarius, Kora is the Scargiver as she abandoned her “father” after he took her in and trained her to become a fierce warrior.

Also, when Kora betrayed Princess Issa and her family, she left a scar in their hearts that cannot be physically seen but can be felt. So, it’s evident why Kora is nicknamed ‘The Scargiver.’ Zack Snyder also confirmed in an interview that Kora got this nickname because of what she did to Princess Issa and her family. The famed director said, “Kora’s nickname is the Scargiver, which is also related to her relationship with Princess Issa. Those two myths are braided together in a pretty cool way, I think.”

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