8 Movies and TV Shows Like Rebel Moon You Should Watch

Rebel Moon Part 2 is finally out and as it turns out, this time around, Zack Snyder has actually fixed a lot of things that were wrong with the first installment of the movie making it a way better experience than Rebel Moon Part 1. So, if you enjoyed watching Rebel Moon, why not give other movies in the somewhat similar sci-fi genre a shot? In this article find the best 8 movies and shows like Rebel Moon that you should watch.

1. The Osiris Child

Movies and Shows like Rebel Moon (The Osiris Child)
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The Osiris Child is one of the most underrated sci-fi movies you might have ever come across. This movie takes place in the far future where mankind is carrying out an interplanetary colonization. On one of the planets, an alien species is posing a global threat. So, the higher authorities decide to drop a warhead on the planet. However, Kane Sommerville, a lieutenant for the company carrying out these colonizations has a daughter who is still on the ground. He escapes the facility and allies with Sy Lombrok on a mission to find his daughter and carry her to safety.

2. Foundation

Movies and Shows like Rebel Moon (Foundation)
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If you are a fan of Star Wars, and you enjoyed watching Rebel Moon, this series is going to absolutely enchant you with its mind-blowing visuals paired with a very Star Wars-like setting. Foundation is a show based on the award-winning novel written by Isaac Asimov. Hari Seldon discovers a new discipline called Psychohistory which allows him to predict the future. In his prediction, he finds that the fall of the current Galactic Empire is inevitable. So, he along with some of his trustworthy disciples set out on an adventure to set the foundation to rebuild and preserve the civilization post the fall of The Empire.

3. Willow

Movies and shows like Rebel Moon (Willow)
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Willow is a TV series that picks up 20 years after the events of the classic Willow movie released in 1988. This movie revolves around a group of six misfit heroes who set out on an adventure far from their home under the leadership of the sorcerer Willow Ufgood to save the world from the evil forces called The Gales. This series is a visual delight and will leave you awestruck with how good a job has been done on the VFX, the story is compelling and has a sense of comfort to it as well. Overall, if you miss the era of Disney quest movies, this series is all you need.

4. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League
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If you loved Rebel Moon, another movie from Zack Snyder that is somewhat like Rebel Moon is Zack Snyder’s Justice League. A group of heroes coming together to fight a common intergalactic threat for the fate of their home, sounds familiar right? However, in my personal opinion, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the best movies Zack Snyder has given us.

No movie in a long time has been able to match the visual as well as narrative brilliance of ZSJL. If the runtime scares you, the ease and execution seen in this movie, along with the compelling story will keep you on the edge of your seats. This movie is a must-watch for you if you enjoyed Rebel Moon.

5. Vesper

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Vesper takes place in a dystopian future where Earth has faced a major ecological collapse. Scientists were trying to develop genetic technology that could prevent the fall of Earth’s ecosystem but unfortunately, a virus escaped their facilities and wiped out almost all flora and fauna. Now some privileged humans live in enclosed cities called Citadels while others fight to survive by scavenging genetically engineered seeds.

Vesper is your classic dystopian story but the selling point of this movie is how it is presented. The will of a 14-year-old child to survive and even encounter deadly situations for the sake of her father’s survival is truly heartwarming as well as inspiring in many aspects. Vesper is not exactly like Rebel Moon but it explores the dystopian survival genre in one of the best ways I have ever witnessed.

6. Oblivion

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Oblivion is by far one of the most highly acclaimed movies ever made. This movie was way ahead of the time it came out. Oblivion revolves around Jack Harper, a security repairman in the year 2077 whose job is to make sure that drones patrolling a war-devasted Earth function properly. Earth is now uninhabitable after a war between Humans and Aliens.

Humans won the war but will now have to move to a new colony to survive. However, in the final two weeks of his deployment, Jack figures out some things that shake him up and his perception of reality. Now I am not going to spoil the movie with details so you will have to watch it to figure out what happened. What I can tell you is that it will be a time well spent.

7. Prospect

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Another movie that shows us the brilliance of Pedro Pascal’s acting is Prospect. This movie again explores the fight-for-survival genre in space. This movie brings us a father and daughter duo who set out to find rare gems on a faraway moon with a hostile environment that could make them a fortune. However, things don’t go as planned and it all comes down to survival. Pedro Pascal is somewhat the highlight of this movie and no, he is not the father in this movie. Other than that I am not going to tell you the plot of this movie so go ahead and add it to your watchlist.

8. Elysium

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Elysium is one of the best sci-fi movies out there. Set in the year 2154 where humanity is divided into two distinct classes one for the poor and one for the elite. One man named Max takes it upon himself to carry out a deadly mission that could bring equality between the elite and the poor, However, the higher-ups, especially Secretary Delacourt would do anything in their power to make sure Max fails in his mission.

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