Rainbow Six Mobile: Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Launched back in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 tactical shooter that remains a gamer favorite after all this time. However, Rainbow Six Siege was restricted to PC and console platforms, leaving mobile gamers out of the fray. Thankfully, that changed with the announcement of Rainbow Six Mobile, a mobile port that largely follows the same mechanics of Siege. And now, with a closed beta test underway, a lot of mobile gamers are already hopping on to test out this title. However, navigating Rainbow Six Mobile can be a difficult journey as newbies might not understand it all at first. Don’t worry, though, as I have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks you should check out to learn the basics and improve fast in Rainbow Six Mobile. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Best Rainbow Six Mobile Tips and Tricks (2022)

1. Go Through the Basics

Like all games that are nuanced in their own ways, Rainbow Six Mobile has its own set of methods and processes you must learn. While the tutorial that comes up when you first boot up the game is good, it is okay if you don’t understand the full game mechanics from it.

training mode rainbow six mobile

Thankfully, Rainbow Six Mobile has an easy training mode to get you started. Featuring easy bots that you can hit, the training mode allows players to basically practice and explore the game and its elements. This will help prepare you for the real thing, so the next time you’re in a match, you win your engagements. You can try out the training mode by tapping “Play -> Playlist -> Training” and pressing Start.

While the bomb training mode is a good start, the one thing that the game needs is a firing range, where players can test out each Rainbow Six Mobile operator and their ability kit. Called the Shooting Range on Siege PC, this simple addition will allow you to test weapons, learn recoil control, and play around with abilities.

2. Map Knowledge Is Key

Rainbow Six Siege, by nature, features a variety of maps that stretch across a big area. While Rainbow Six Mobile only features a handful of maps right now – Bank, Border, and Clubhouse, they still have their own designed pathways. This means a player well versed with the maps can easily flank from passageways that might seem hidden to you but were there all along.

And if you are the sort of player wanting to get better at Rainbow Six Mobile, I recommend familiarising yourself with the different maps on offer. A good way to go about it is to roam around the different maps and just explore. In the beginning, it is natural to find yourself confused and gunned down by enemies. But as time passes, you will learn the maps and devise new strategies in the process. Make sure you have your map info committed to memory to win.

3. Watch Where You Stand

Besides having big maps, Rainbow Six Mobile (like its PC port) also includes destructible environments, whether it’s on walls or floors. This means bullets can pass through these elements and damage players on the other side, popularly known as wallbanging. If you are here after playing a couple of matches, you might have seen players around you reinforcing walls and windows, and now you know why.

No matter if you are just starting out or fairly into a few matches, make sure to stay away from any unprotected walls and floors to ensure you don’t get shot blindly. You can easily reinforce walls, doors, and windows by walking up to them and pressing the barricade button.

However, on the flip side, make sure to use this destructibility in your favor. Shoot through unreinforced walls and floors to take out unlucky enemies. You can even place breaching charges on the floor and take out the enemies below. Combine destruction with verticality, and you will get a unique combination.

4. Find Your Defending Style

For those familiar with Rainbow Six Siege, two types of defending playstyles exist in the game. While gamers play with all kinds of methods, they generally fall into one of two roles – Roamer or Anchor.

A Roamer is a player that goes around the map during the defending phase and hinders the attacking team. This includes wasting as much of the attacking players’ time by following them around and eliminating them. You can also try taking control of choke points to overpower them.

Players who wish to assume the roamer role should pick operators who are quick on their feet. A good example is the operator Caveira, a roamer-type operator who has the ability to extract the location of enemies through interrogation. However, do remember that a roamer’s job can quickly get difficult if the attacking team decides to flank you. Players who might hate sitting in one place can be a roamer.

The other role is an Anchor, a guard-based role that has a player sitting in the site and defending it. It is the anchor’s responsibility to make sure the attackers do not succeed in taking over the site. Depending on if you have the Bomb or Container based scenario, this can involve stopping the defuser plant or denying entry into the site, respectively. Players who generally take on anchor roles should go for heavy-set operators that pack power.

A good example here is Rook, an anchor who has the special ability to drop armor plates for his teammates. As an anchor, you might find yourself in a difficult position if the site is breached, so be prepared for that. Players comfortable sitting in one place can be an anchor.

5. Roamers and Rotation Holes Go Together

Connecting to the previous point, if you do decide to become a roamer, then make sure you know about rotation holes as one of the most useful tips for Rainbow Six Mobile.

Put simply, a rotation hole is an opening in the site that allows roamers to get back in case of an emergency. So for the times when you are roaming the map and the site gets rushed by attackers, and your anchor goes down, you’ll be able to quickly get inside and help defend it.

Too many players seal up the site entirely and then get locked out or rushed in by the enemy. As someone who has been in this situation, it can be very annoying. So the next time you pick Cav and decide to head out, make sure to throw an impact grenade on a wall and create an opening for later.

6. Use Operator’s Ability to Your Advantage

Like Apex Legends Mobile characters, a central part of Rainbow Six Mobile is its operators that breathe life and variety into the game. All the operators in Siege come from different backgrounds and bring something new to the table. These ops can affect the game through their special abilities and loadouts. While attackers like Ash are perfect for quickly breaching a site, defenders like Jager can stop incoming projectiles through their skill.

Picking the right operator with the right ability is essential. However, it’s even more important to remember those abilities and use them at the right time. Many new players forget what their operators can do and simply engage in gunfights. However, seasoned players know that deployed abilities make all the difference.

As a general rule of thumb, always make sure you deploy your gadgets at the beginning of the round and at places where they’ll be useful. An example of this can be the defender Jager and his ADS system. If you’re using this operator, make sure to deploy his gadgets near places the attackers might lodge grenades at windows, side of doors, and more. Make sure to study the site and use your operator’s abilities accordingly.

7. Understand the Importance of Peeking

No matter if you anchor or roam through, a combat mechanic that remains important is peeking. Rainbow Six Siege Mobile has adopted the left and right peek mechanic found on its older brother. This means players who wish to fire at a target don’t need to expose their entire body to the attacker.

For those times and many others, you should utilize the peek mechanic by pressing the left and right peek buttons on the screen. Combine peeking with intelligently placing your body in a corner, and you will mostly come out as the winner in the engagement. Players who wish to move their peek buttons to another place can also do so by customizing the HUD in the game settings.

8. Always Remember to ADS

Aiming down sights (or ADS for short) is the process of using your weapon’s scope to zoom in on targets for better accuracy. ADS becomes even more important when peeking corners. Make sure to use ADS whenever you feel it might be better to be zoomed in on the enemy. You will be surprised at how often that is.

However, do remember the opposite also rings true, as using ADS too much might cause tunnel vision, which means you might miss targets outside the scope. Keep a good balance, and you will win your fights.

9. Start Pre-Firing to Win

Speaking of winning engagements, peeking is not the only way you can win fights in Rainbow Six Mobile. An easy tactic Rainbow Six Siege players have long been using is pre-firing.

For those who don’t know, pre-firing is the practice of firing before you even see the enemy. This ensures your bullets have a higher chance of hitting the enemy since you will come out blasting. Fortunately, Rainbow Six Mobile allows players to pre-fire easily. All you have to do is position your crosshair at an angle and hold your finger on the fire button as you come out of the corner. This will surprise your enemy and have you win gunfights you might have lost otherwise.

10. Watch for Spawn Peekers

Another popular tactic in Rainbow Six Siege is spawn peeking, which is the practice of defenders breaking barriers and gunning down attacking enemies that have just spawned. While a generally used mechanic, spawn peeking is frowned upon by the community.

Since Rainbow Six Mobile has the same barrier method, it’s extremely easy to break them and spawn peek the attackers. When playing as an attacker, you might run into spawn peekers trying to shoot you from the inside site. You will need to keep your wits to make sure that doesn’t happen often.

To combat spawn peekers, always ensure that you watch for any partially broken windows and doors before you step out. A simple way to do that is to use the peeking method we talked about above. If you detect a broken window and a waiting spawn peeker, you can outwit them by pre-firing, as we explained above, and eliminate them instead. However, do remember that you will run into your fair share of peekers, so always be on the lookout.

11. Use Drones/ Cameras Often

You might have noticed that you get the ability to use drones as an attacker and cameras as a defender. While it might seem better to rush right in, stop for a second and use that drone. Drones in Rainbow Six Mobile have been designed well and allow the player to scope out the site before entering blind.

In the same vein, cameras allow defending operators to check out various areas of the map and scan for attackers. Used wisely, these are some powerful recon tools and ones that shouldn’t be ignored.

As a Rainbow Six Siege player, even on mobile devices, always make sure you use your drones and cameras to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy. Used correctly, this can mean the difference between winning a match and losing one.

12. Don’t Breach Barricades

While I know it sounds counterproductive, given I just mentioned Siege’s environment destructibility, hear me out. Wooden barricades are one of the few things that can be destroyed using other means – that too quite easily.

You can use the melee button to bash your gun against the barricade and break it. Or, if you are too impatient, you can simply shoot it down. Given how easily a standard barricade can come down, I suggest saving your breach charges for a big wall or a floor.

13. Pay Attention to Sounds

Like its PC port, another part of Rainbow Six Mobile gameplay is sound and its importance. Like other tactical shooters, Rainbow Six Siege is heavily reliant on sound. From every movement an operator makes to the sound of a breach charge or a gadget deployed, everything can be heard clearly. Players in Siege pay surgical attention to sound to win, and you should too.

Play Rainbow Six Siege Mobile with a pair of wired earphones or the best low latency TWS earbuds, so you can even hear a pin drop around you when needed. Furthermore, for those who want to pair that up with even more awareness, Rainbow Six Mobile comes with visual audio indicators. Put simply, these indicators will quickly inform you anytime you’re under enemy fire.

Paired with amazing audio, the visual sound indicators (which have become common in mobile games) can help you spot your enemies. Try looking for these indicators when someone is trying to shoot you through a wall and wall bang them back.

14. Work with Your Team

You would be surprised at how often I have had my fellow players act as the lone wolf and ruin the round for everyone. Many gamers tend to forget that, unlike COD Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege and its mobile version are team games and require a lot more coordination.

In order to get better intel, flank enemies, and win matches, you will need cooperation with your teammates. Thankfully, the Rainbow Six Mobile port comes with built-in voice chat that lets you talk with your teammates and invited friends. In case you want to point out a particular thing in-game, R6 Mobile also has a pinging system like the PC port. Make sure you utilize these handy tools to work with your team and outwit the enemy.

15. Don’t Quit! Give It Time

Like all tactical games that came before it, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is one that will take time and patience to master. While you might find yourself losing your battles early on, you will get better if you keep playing the game. However, to accelerate that process, make sure to use these tips and tricks, and you will find yourself becoming better very soon.

Use These Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Tips to Improve Fast

I hope you will find the above tips and tricks useful in helping you get better at Rainbow Six Mobile. Try to use a few of these regularly and even create your own combinations. Given the proper application, you’ll how quickly you get better at the game and start winning matches. However, if you don’t like multiplayer titles and a story game is more your thing, I suggest you be on the lookout for more GTA 6 news, like the rest of us. Or, the newly announced Assassin’s Creed mobile game could be up your alley. That said, which of these Rainbow Six Mobile tips are you going to use? Are there any tips or tricks you missed out on? Let us know your insights in the comments below.

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