PUBG Lite for PC Gets “Free for All” Mode, New Accompanying Map

PUBG Lite gets free for all mode

PUBG may have pioneered the battle royale game genre, but its free-to-play PUBG Lite game is rushing to add new features and game modes to keep the title interesting. The game has today pushed out an update that brings a new “Free for All” arcade mode, as promised. It has debuted a new accompanying map as well.

PUBG Lite has debuted the new ‘Free for All’ mode, which you can find under the Arcade section under the ‘Play’ tab. Just like the Team Deathmatch mode, it debuts alongwith a new map dubbed Periverka. It is a revamped version of “School” from the original PUBG map, Erangel.

The ‘Free for All’ mode will see you and 7 other players land into Periverka for fast-paced, close-quarters combat. Just to clarify, it is a solo mode and each player can take down every other player on the map. The time limit of the match in PUBG Lite will be 10 minutes, but the game could come to an end early if someone gets 20 kills.

The match will kick off in the “Starting Sector” outside Periverka, where you will have 90 seconds to stock up your arsenals. Apart from the weapons you pick up here, you will be able to secure AUG or GROZA on the school’s roof. You will then fight to secure the most kills, but if you get killed during the match then you will respawn within 5 seconds. Also, you will be invincible for 2 seconds in this PUBG Lite game mode.

The only caveat of the ‘Free for All’ mode is that it’s available for just 5 days. Yes, it’s a limited-time event so go ahead and take out any and all enemies on Periverka.

Apart from a new game mode, PUBG Lite has made several optimizations to the existing features. This includes a new canted sight animation, along with a new crosshair style to help players differentiate between their canted sight and main scope. You will also notice angle changes in FPP mode and while using throwables.

The latest update weighs in at 306MB and brings in tow a number of improvements and bug fixes as well. You can head to this link to check out the complete changelog for this update. So, how excited are you to try out the new Free for All mode? Let us know your opinions down in the comments section.

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