PUBG Lite Now Has a Dedicated Indian Server

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PUBG Lite for PC made its way to India a couple of months ago, steadily expanding its reach across the world to offer low-end PCs to enjoy this battle royale phenomenon for free. The title has since bagged plenty of updates, including a 4vs4 Team Deathmatch mode, a smaller map, and additional optimizations. Well, it appears like the game has caught on in the country as PUBG Lite has now added a dedicated India server.

The developer, i.e PUBG Corporation, hasn’t put out an official statement for an India server being added into the mix. Instead, it strives to pull in more players simply by advertising the game on Facebook with the caption,Have your chicken dinner on PUBG LITE. Try the dedicated Indian server!” 

PUBG Lite Now Has a Dedicated Indian Server
Image Courtesy: BGR

The sponsored post attached above confirms that PUBG Lite now has a dedicated Indian server, which means you can expect lower pings and negligible lag. And it doesn’t mean you’ve got to be close to the server, the performance should improve for netizens across the nation. This is also a meaningful addition for players with lower-specced laptops and PCs.

PUBG Lite, for those unaware, is a slightly toned-down and lightweight version of PUBG which has been around for quite some time now. This title is far better than your PUBG Mobile gameplay on an emulator, offering content and gun mechanics on par with your original title. So, are you excited for better gameplay with no noticeable lag? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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