This Fan-Made PS5 Concept with the DualSense Colour-Scheme Looks Great

PS5 concept

While Sony has confirmed that their next groundbreaking gaming console – the PlayStation 5 will be coming in the last quarter of 2020, we cannot be so sure, as the ongoing pandemic may delay the launch even more. Now, as Sony surprisingly unveiled new DualSense controller last week, we saw fans make a handful of new concept colours for the DualSense controller. Now, we have a fan-made concept of the gaming console itself showcasing its design and new colours.

Shared by “OPG609” in the r/PS5 subreddit, the post contains an image of the new DualSense controller along with Sony’s upcoming gaming beast.

However, the actual creator of the concept is a graphic designer, Brian C Worton (@BrianCWorton). He shared two more concepts in different colours — Grey/Black and Black.

PS5 concepts

However, the last one which is based on the colour of the DualSense controller looks the best, in my opinion.

If you ask me, I’d say console gamers won’t be disappointed at all with this new design and colours for the console. The concept PS5 comes with a white base with black accents, just like the new controller. The black V-shaped area in the middle is supposedly the vent of the console to dissipate the heat generated.

However, one commenter pointed out that the disc ROM placement in the concept might be a design flaw. This is because it sits right below the V-shaped vent in the middle and that might become an obstruction for all the heat sink components inside.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the real deal and there is no guarantee that the PS5 will look like this. Concepts are something that gives us a glimpse of the potential design of a product. However, we cannot wait to see what Sony has in their bag.

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