Pokemon vs Palworld: 15 Similar Looking Pals

Ever since the latest gaming sensation, Palworld was announced, we knew the game would include references to Pokemon. However, as soon as this “Pokemon with guns” game was released, the pal’s in-game models seemed more identical to Pokemon than expected. Although there is no evidence of plagiarism or asset flipping just yet, we cannot deny that some of the pals in Palworld look identical to a lot of popular Pokemon. With The Pokemon Company now investigating possible infringement issues, we decided to list 15 pals in Palworld that look similar to popular Pokemon.

Note: We have mentioned the pals that look similar or hold a distinct resemblance to certain Pokemons. This post does not support the claims of infringements due to lack of sufficient evidence, but the similarities, at least in these cases, are uncanny.

1. Celaray – Mantine

Celaray and Mantine
Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

We are starting our Palworld vs Pokemon list with stingrays. Both Celaray and Mantine are based on stingrays in their respective worlds, so similarities are obvious. However, their models are very identical. At first glimpse, the wing structure and the horns seem identical. Although Celaray has legs, the gill design and the tail are visually similar to Mantine, with only minor differences in the color scheme – a common trait across some designs in Palworld.

2. Lamball – Wooloo

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

In a similar case as the previous, sheep will look like sheep and if one game wants to have them, they can have them. However, the designs are awkwardly too roundish on both for a sheep. If you remove the pigtails on Wooloo, its shape is pretty much identical to Lamball. On top of it, the oval eyes, nose shape, and leg shape on the pal also resemble the Pokemon.

3. Grizzbolt – Electabuzz

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Although this one is not as similar as the previous two, the electricity symbol on Electabuzz’s tummy is hard to avoid when we’ve already seen it somewhere else. In this case, that is Grizzbolt. Moreover, the shape of their body is undeniably closer in design. Quite an inspiration, right? Even their type or element is electric in both games.

4. Anubis – Lucario

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

When we first saw Lucario ages ago, no one would have thought of it as being similar to an Egyptian God. However, with Palworld’s Anubis, the Pokemon has been reimaged in a new light.

In the case of Lucario, he was one of the first Pokemon to have that human-like pose. Palworld did not skip on that in their inspiration and gave Anubis the same fighting and standing pose. On top of that, the pointy head with an hourglass body makes them look identical. Even their color scheme is pretty much the same, with the yellow, blue, and black hues mixed in.

5. Jetragon – Latios/Latias

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

As soon as you see Palworld’s Jetragon, you will think it is a close family member of the Latios or Latias Pokemon. Even Latias will not argue with you on this one. Both creatures look like dragons who have jet-like shapes.

A pointy head, long ears leaning backward, and identical hand designs make Jetragon identical to Latios/ Latias. Jetragon even got the blue-and-white color scheme down. Coincidence?

6. Verdash – Cinderace

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Now this one. Well, Cinderace from Pokemon needs to become grass-type to be a Verdash. Rest, we can hardly spot any differences in the character design.

If we are to point out the closest similarities between them, then the hands, legs, and head structure come first. Apart from that, they also come with a similar style of pants that goes to the knees. With a rabbit-like design, the major difference apart from their color (and pal type) is the longer tail on Palworld’s grass-type pal.

7. Cremis – Eevee

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Two cute little puppies with furry necks and tails? Here comes Eevee, I mean Cremis from Palworld. Well, they look the same anyway until you go into heavy details. Unless you count the pointy head of Cremis, it comes with a pointy hairstyle with big pointy ears. The most noticeable feature in both the Pal and Pokemon will have to be their brown color and fur design on the neck and tail.

8. Tanzee – Pansage

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

As per Palworld’s logic, we have handed Tanzee an AK-47 so you do not confuse it with Pokemon’s Pansage. Another difference is one has a leaf on top of its head and the other a broccoli. The rest of Tanzee feels like Ditto trying super hard to mimic Pansage in Pokemon.

From the head shape, the mouth, color scheme, ears, and even an identical tail with two leaves, the character design is the same ehre. If we remove the guns, a Pokemon fan would mistakenly refer to Tanzee as Pansage.

9. Direhowl and Lycanroc

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Without the changes in their fur and eye color, Direhowl and Lycanroc are direwolfs and identical. The only difference is in how the neck fur and other patterns are implemented in Direhowl’s design.

If you change the color scheme for either of them, they will look similar to the tee. While Direhowl does resemble Lycanroc’s design, the latter has a leaner body type.

10. Fenglope – Cobalion

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Maybe Cobalion from Pokemon forgot to trim its horn and neckbeard, thus, giving birth to Fenglope in Palworld. If we forget about minor details and just talk about the color scheme on Fenglope, there seems little to no difference between it and Cobalion.

Although Cobalion comes with larger hooves and shoulder pads, the horn and neck beard are hard to ignore on Fenglope. It feels like every detail is the same in Fenglope, just larger than Cobalion.

11. Robinquill – Decidueye

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

In the case of Robinquill from Palworld and Decidueye from Pokemon, we had to look twice to spot differences. These two creatures are not just similar but identical in visuals. The first thing you will notice in both is how identical their design and body structure is.

On top of that, the green, orange, and off-white color use is undeniably similar. With exactly similar-looking eyes and a cape-like wing design, we must say this one went too far on similarities. Well, at least Robinquill got hands, unlike Decidueye.

12. Boltmane – Luxray

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Open Photoshop, choose yellow and dark gray colors, and apply them to Luxray. That’s exactly what Boltmane feels like to me. Although there is some difference in Boltmane and Luxray’s designs, their models look too identical.

The bends of the legs or the head shape with the pointy hairs look very similar. At first glimpse, you might not notice the similar design on these too. However, apart from the head shape and legs, the fur proportion on the head, shoulder, and back feels too familiar for a Pokemon fan.

13. Astegon – Mega Aggron

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

What if Aggron from Pokemon received a Mega Evolution with wings? That’s exactly what Astegon from Palworld looks like. Although the color scheme and types do not match, the visual similarities are undeniable.

Both of them have three nail claws and three nail legs. Along with the nail count, Astegon’s head is guarded by a helmet that looks similar to Mega Aggron’s. If we forget about the color scheme, tail, and wings, they look like twins.

14. Mau – Umbreon

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

We could argue about this one, but references to Umbreon are evident in Mau’s model in Palworld. The golden stripes around the black, that too on a cat? We sure opened a Pokedex for inspiration, I see. Other than the black and gold combination, the ears are just flipped forward in the case of Mau. The paws and pointy eye shapes are also closely similar in Mau and Umbreon. Also, do not miss the dot nose. Too close for comfort.

15. Dinossom – Meganium

Image Source: Pocketpair, The Pokemon Company

Finally, the ones that I think are not as similar but look alike are Dinossom and Meganium. At first sight, I do not blame any doubters. Just remove the neck flower and put a Venasaur flower on top of Meganium’s head, and there you have it, a Dinossom.

The green color and grass types are other similarities for them. That makes it harder to distinguish any difference between these two. Overall, I would rather call Dinossom an evolution of Meganium.

We could count more similarities and list all pals from Palworld who feel too inspired by Pokemon, but these are the most identical ones. Do you think there are more familiar faces in Palworld? Tell us in the comments below.

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