Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket Coming to Mobile in 2024

Pokemon TCG Pocket Cover
Image Courtesy: The Pokemon Company
In Short
  • In the Pokemon Presents event on February 27, The Pokemon Company announced a Pokemon TCG for mobile devices.
  • The Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket will see immersive illustrations with an unpacking and trading feature.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket will be free-to-play and will be coming on iOS and Android devices in 2024.

Pokemon TCG has existed since 1996, and it always had that exclusivity factor behind it. Be it your shiny Charizard or a simple bundle of good stat cards, it is more than just a game. During the time of the pandemic, Pokemon had to produce almost 9 million cards as the demand surged. So, when the Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket (aka a mobile version) was announced at the Pokemon Presents event on February 27, I was not shocked at all.

Pokemon TCG Pocket is made by Creatures Inc., the original developers of the Pokémon TCG, and DeNA Co., Ltd. According to the creators, they want to bring the flavors of TCG to Android and iOS through this game. The game will be released in 2024, and we get to see the features of the game in a hands-on presentation at the event.

Pokemon TCG Pocket: Features

During the showcase, we got to see more of the features of the game. As the game will be completely digital, the challenges were always about how to make the card game in digital format. According to the makers, the cards will be immersive. This immersive style focused on the card’s illustration will make a player feel as if they are inside the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon TCG immersive cards showcase
Image Courtesy: The Pokemon Company

Along with an unpacking feature, trading is another key feature of the game. As we have seen from time to time, YouTubers and Twitch streamers unpack Pokemon trading cards with their chat and sell them for a huge value. Similarly, the built-in trading features will make it easier for the players to do the same.

Although the trading feature is not confirmed to arrive on launch, it will be a huge part of the game as players thrive on making their own collections.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket Unpacking feature
Image Courtesy: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket game will also launch as a free-to-play experience for iOS and Android users. As reported, there will be two free packs every day. On top of that, buying packs will also be included, as presumed. Although only time will tell if the digital version of trading cards will hold any value, it will be yours to keep even if it is from free packs. Yes, free packs. You will be able to open two packs for free everyday.

Pokemon TCG Pocket is Free to Play
Image Courtesy: The Pokemon Company

Me being an avid card collector, always wanted a Pokemon digital collector. With Marvel Snap and other different franchises existing with their own TCG in the market, this project was long overdue. Now, it is a matter of time before Pikachu and friends shine their way into this digital TCG scene.

As time passes, the Pokemon Company certainly wants to bring back their momentum with the fans. Will the Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket on mobile bring that popularity back? Especially with competitors like Palworld, it will be a hard challenge for the company.

For now, we would like to know what you think about the trading cards coming to your pocket. Let us know in the comments section.

SOURCE The Pokemon Company
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