Pokémon Go Earned $894 Million in 2019 : Report

Pokémon GO Earned $894 Million in 2019
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Niantic’s Pokémon Go earned $894 million this past year, according to popular analytics platform Sensor Tower‘s Intelligence estimates. This makes 2019 the most profitable year for the game with a 10% growth over $816 million revenue of 2018.

The AR-based game had a downfall in revenue in 2017 where the revenue fell 29% to $589 million from 2016’s $832 million when the game’s popularity was at its peak. In fact, Pokémon Go’s craze was so real in 2016 that people even dared to enter the Canadian military base.

The report points out incremental updates released by Niantic to make the game better and improved integration with real-world events to be the two major reasons for the game’s growth in revenue since 2017.

In 2019, most of the game’s revenue came from the United States. The US singlehandedly accounts for $335 million of revenue or 38 percent of the overall revenue. Japan came close with $286 million, or 32 percent of the total while Germany was the third with $54 million, or 6 percent of the total income.

Credits: Sensor Tower

As far as the revenue based on the game distribution platform is concerned, Android users spent $482 million in the game while iOS users accounted for $412 million of the revenue. From this data, it is clear that the game was top-grossing on Android.

The game’s revenue is expected to increase this year as it recently gained support for a new feature called Buddy Adventure that lets players explore the real world with Pokémon. We will wait to see how much revenue the game generates this year.

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SOURCE Sensor Tower
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