Adobe Photoshop CC Update Brings Sensei AI to Simplify Object Selection

Photoshop Select Subject

Adobe is doing some pretty interesting things with AI and it’s brought one of these features to users in Photoshop CC.

The latest update for Photoshop CC (v19.1) brings with it a new AI-powered selection tool which will allow users to select object with just one click. Powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI platform, the new Select Subject tool, aims to cut out all the manual work which goes into cleanly selecting objects on the platform.

The Select Subject tool automatically selects prominent subjects in the image with a single click and allows users to refine the selection using other tools. While Adobe doesn’t promise perfect selections every time, the tool will give users a quick starting selection which they can improve upon with other tools. However, the tool doesn’t give the user any manual control over the selection process as it is completely automated using machine learning.

Along with the Select Subject tool, the latest update brings a few other features to Photoshop CC, including support for high-density monitors and support for the Microsoft Surface Dial for Windows users. With the added support for high-density monitors, Photoshop will now automatically adjust itself according to the monitor’s scaling settings. Additionally, the update brings some improvements to the select and masking tools in the form of a decontamination slider that allows users to control the amount of decontamination applied to an image.

Photoshop CC now also has better SVG compatibility with Adobe XD, allowing users to directly copy and paste SVG from Photoshop to XD. The improvements support multiple text styles and effects for maximum compatibility. In addition to all of the new features and improvements, the latest update for Photoshop CC addresses a number of customer-reported bugs which have been listed here.

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